View Full Version : Does anyone elses Emetophobia come and (nearly) go?

24-03-10, 13:14
OK guys, I'm struggling to understand why (sometimes) my Emet is manageable, it never really goes away completely but sometimes, it hits me and stays with me for weeks/months, it appears to come from nowhere and I can't pinpoint what triggers these bad bouts. Anyone else have this?

I'm having a really rough time right now, today being awful. I just want to run home, curl up and cry :sad::confused: Instead, I'm at work and struggling, I know staying at home isn't the answer

I know where my emet stems from but not what triggers a bad patch....


24-03-10, 19:25
I have this, and I feel you sweetie! I went through nearly a whole year of being "okay" (I also have agoraphobia and the two control each other) and was able to get out of the house and lead a nearly normal life. Them suddenly I'm back to where I was in 2006/2007/2008 and am house bound again - no idea where it comes from, but no you are not alone! If it has the ability to go once, it has the ability to go completely and never come back again!

Lucie x

25-03-10, 13:54
Hi Lucie,

Thanks for your reply. I feel for you, how awful to be housebound. I know I could quite easily become housebound though when I'm having a rough time with it, just opening the front door scares me! I have, so far, managed to force myself to go out. The longest I've 'hidden' away from the world due to this awful phobia was one day and that felt like the longest day of my life. It was a Sunday and I literally did not see or speak to another person. When it came to work on Mon morning, I was a complete wreck, but better for going to work, if that makes sense

How long have you been housebound this time?

If you want a chat anytime, please let me know


26-03-10, 12:21
Hey sweetie,

It's good that you manage to force yourself to go out - thats the hardest part, but as long as you keep forcing yourself to do those things, it should get easier with time. Exposure therapy is known to be the best form of treatment for this type of phobia. Are you seeing anyone for treatment right now?

Ive been housebound since just before christmas, and havent been within a 5 mile radius of my house since last April. Its madness as I hate living between these four walls and dream about getting out and living my life as any other 19 year old is doing! But the panic and anxiety is just so hard to deal with!

Lucie x

26-03-10, 15:40
No, I'm not seeing anyone for treatment at the moment, are you?


27-03-10, 16:17
yes actually, when i havnt felt or bin sick for a while, or when i havnt seen sick for a while, i feel its gone, but as im writing this i actually feel sick :(
actually for all you emets out there, i need help.
my mums friends are coming over tonight with her kids that are my age, ive known them a while :)
& where having a party thing, & i feel sick, what do i do ? :weep: