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13-02-04, 00:30
hi all,

This is really strange, im nervous about going on this computer, but im addicted i cant stop coming on it. i dont know why im gettin nervous. It happened yesterday night i just started feeling weird and i dont know what to do cause i love coming on the comp. I wanted to try staying off for a couple f days but when im not on it i feel, like somethings missing or that i really really really need to do something like check my email even though i dont need to.
Any advice, i know its not something serious but i think i need something else to do to take my mind off of coming on the computer. Id take any advice that comes my way.

thank u hugs Rachel xx

13-02-04, 01:32
hey rachel,theres nothing to worry about if you like going on the computer,thayts what its there for and theres a whole world to explore via the internet!!!
just give yourself lots of variety in what you look at,i download loads of music,i buy loads of stuff i dont need from ebay,i whinge about my diet on the weight watchers site and of course i come here as well!!
but i also make sure i spend time away from the computer with my family and friends and doing other stuff like reading,watching tv,going to the gym and doing the thing i hate most in the world HOUSEWORK!! so dont worry too much you're not the only computer addict
take care love emma xx:)

13-02-04, 05:20
Hiya Rach and Em,

Rach don`t worry too much about being "ADDICTED" to the computer. I think we all are to a certain extent :). It`s okay, sometimes it`s what takes my mind off other things. As far as feeling a lil nervous, it`s probably the negative thoughts you are having about getting on the computer. I would`nt make much of it. If you think you are spending to much time on the computer just limit yourself to a certain amount of time at each sitting,then get off and do something else anything else like reading, cleaning, going outdoors for fresh air, you get the idea. Try not to make too much of the nervousness you are feeling though, it will pass. Good luck dear.

Take care,

Diana xxxx

P.S. Em I know what you mean. I also get stuff I don`t even need on here. However it is a good distraction technique for me most of the time :).

13-02-04, 16:34
hi rachel,

as has been mentioned,share your spare time,between your comp,homework,television,helping mum,chatting to friends...dont let it rule your life,but enjoy it.

i really wished,i had a computer eight years ago,when i went through a divorce..ide be okay,up until the girls went to bed..then the loneliness sank home......ive had my computer,not only great for my studies,but a great distraction technique,who could be lonely,when you have mates on here.....bryan.

13-02-04, 17:20
Hiya Bryan,

My same sentiments for the computer LOL............... :). A very good distraction technique for me and like you say who can be lonely with all the friends we have on here :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Diana xxxx

13-02-04, 20:50

Im like that, i come here everyday and i cant not be here for one day.


13-02-04, 21:44
hi diana,just to let you know,when i got my comp,about three years ago,i joined a single parents forum,in the states..i made loads of friends over there,and still chat to them now..its a small world,when you have a pc...best wishes ..bryan.

14-02-04, 00:16

I was so scared of the computer Steve used to post for me.
I can't understand why computers have such a mad effect on us, make us nervous, give us palpitations and make us light headed.

Maybe our monitors are set too brightly or we are getting glare.

I sip water, and take regualar breaks from it, to give myself a rest.
I think using a computer little and often is better than using it for 3 or 4 hours at a time.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx

[:p] Panic Monster & Scatty Eccentric

15-02-04, 19:51
Hi Rachel know wot you mean, i find that after coming on a couple of days in a row, i stop have a coulpe of nights break then come back (which is why there may be gaps between me posting), that way i manage to enjoy my time on here as well as get other stuff done.


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