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rachel marie
26-03-10, 17:41
i have had a ct scan on my head because i keep getting head pain mostly on right side of my head, it came back normal thank god :biggrin:.

but the only thing im worried about is was the ct scan good inuf??

would it of definitely picked up a brain tumor or anythink serious??

im only thinking this because i found out about mri scan and that normaly mri is what ppl have.


19-04-10, 18:52
OP and interesting question, I have asked this before. The MRI scan is more detailed, I often think it depends on what they are trying to rule out. Like you I have headaches, my MRI scan showed something last year I am being scanned again next week, MRI, Peter

20-04-10, 01:17
Hi,I had ct scan of my brain and they found nothing.Then i had MRI and they found out I have pagets disease on the skull.:mad:

20-04-10, 05:29
all my brain CT showed was that i didn't have any kind of horrible injury that would prevent them from hooking me up to the ECT machine. lol.