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01-04-10, 23:42
Hi all

The UK postage charges go up on Monday 6th April.

I only charge the exact postage for any items bought in the online shop but I will need to increase my charges in line with the Post Office increases.

To give you an example of the increase:

large letter now - 47p will be increased to 51p (typical thing is a wristband)
large letter now - 76p will be increased to 81p (typical thing is the A4 how to cope booklets)

packet now 1.08 will be increased to 1.17 (typical thing is the rescue remedy products)
packet now 1.41 will be increased to 1.51 (typical thing is the NMP teds)

If you order over the weekend then I can post the parcel at the current prices before they increase on Monday.

02-04-10, 01:15
I wish to complain bitterly that you have been forced to increase your postage costs through NO fault of your own. After consulting my trusted colleagues at Bogoff Complaints Ltd, we have decided to stick 2 :finger::finger: up at whoever proposed these postage increases by continuing to buy our usual supplies from the NMP Shop.

Thank you.

(Sorry, I thought this was the complaints thread :wacko:)

05-04-10, 22:46
Please note I haven't increased the prices yet - will do tomorrow so bear with me