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14-02-04, 01:02
I used to be really bad off. I would have 10-12 panic attacks everyday. There where only few things that helped me get over them.
-relax when u start to hyperventalate look at a clock and contol your breathing to taking 5 seconds to breathe in, 10 seconds hoding and 5 seconds to breathe out.
-exercize, exercizing is very importent because it keeps your body staying strong and helps you relive more stressors that can cause panic attacks.
-get alot of sleep. the less sleep that i got the more often and more intense te panic attacks i would get.
- get a mulivitamin, its good to start taking a multivitimin beacuse it keeps you helathy and it contributes to u having more vitamin b6 and b12 in your system and that helps you deal with panic and stress.
- try to see the beauty of nature and other things. enjoy life. the more you are happy and the more you love your environment the more likely you wil be able to cope with changes and stressors that can cause panic attacks.
Email me with any questions and i will help u to get better, because i kno what kind of hell panic attacks are.

14-02-04, 06:50
Hiya Jason1456,

Welcome aboard :-). Good post, thanks for all of the positive information. We need all of that we can get!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again.

Take care,

Diana xxxx

14-02-04, 10:20
I'd agree wholeheartedly Jason. From my experience of panic(twenty years of it!), relaxation, exercise, a good night's sleep and looking after yourself are pre-requisites on the road to recovery. Also, not being too hard on yourself, accepting "you are who you are" and keeping those thoughts positive are important too. Obviously I do wish sometimes that I didn't have this particular cross to bear, but you have to count your blessings too.


14-02-04, 15:41
welcome jason,

i agree with most of wot you say...but hyperventilating is over breathing,taking in too much oxygen,and not enough carbon dioxide.

its one of the worst symptoms of panic,and very scarey..most people believe there going to collapse,and die..they wont of course..

the two proven ways to get the gas mix back to normal,is 1/ hold your breath for at least ten seconds,this prohibits loss of carbon dioxide,and 2/ and the most effective,is to put a small paper bag over your nose,and mouth,and breath into the bag,this way your breathing back in the correct gas mixture.

keep posting jason,ime sure you will be able to help others on here,best wishes..bryan.

14-02-04, 18:04
Hi Jason

Thanks for that. I am currently writing a new page for the site about Natural Remedies which includes Vitamin advice.

I agree about exercising - it helps control my panic attacks too.

Hope you post some more.


14-02-04, 18:09

that sounds really good, ill have to try that at school when i have a panic attack (hopeful i wont get one)



10-03-04, 23:43
Thank all of you for your attention to my topic and keep up fighting panic, it work!

11-03-04, 20:33

How are you doing? Well I hope.

Post again to let us know how you are getting on.

Take care,


24-11-09, 02:45
jason im new here will this ever go many thanks livy

24-11-09, 02:55
I haven't had any for over a month. I just stopped caring. I wasn't afraid of them anymore because I knew if it happened, it would pass and I'd be fine. Now it doesn't happen anymore.