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17-01-06, 12:57
Just a quickie here but how long can you carry on taking Kalms? It says on the bottle take for 'those stressful times'. Like a lot of us on this forum our 'stressful times' can be endless sometimes!!!:(

I only take three a day with meals and find that keeps me 'settled' but I would quite like to take them every day for the next few weeks.

Would be great to hear from anyone who has taken these over a long period.


Jem xxx

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17-01-06, 13:50
i wondered this b4. But it is a natural remedy, so i would of thought it was ok to keep taking, but im not sure.

17-01-06, 22:04
hi ,,

i have been taking 3 a day for the last year,,

to be honest dont know wheather i am just getting the placebo effect now or they are still doing me some good ,,

but hey,,,


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18-01-06, 10:53
Wonder if its ok to take them with fluoxetine. I'm on 20 mgs and take 2 kalms every early- morning as they help me get back to sleep when I wake up at 5 am.

08-02-06, 01:26
You can take kalms for as long as you like i think i tried them before going on cipralex and found they did not do anything at all for me but they may work for other people, i used to take 2 per day.

18-11-13, 21:52
can you take diazepam along side kalms if needed

18-11-13, 22:09
can you take diazepam along side kalms if needed

Hi I don't think you can take kalms with other medication, they are a natural remedy to be used on their own :)