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07-04-10, 00:09
I am so worried and scared about the result from a general medical I had about 2 weeks ago. I received the results last Thursday and foolishly opened them not expecting any problems, but the report advised me to visit my GP and make an appointment to see a cardiologist. :ohmy: So needless to say I spent Easter weekend worried sick, every twinge and pain ( which I do get in my upper back ) was an impending heart attack.

I went to the GP today, my pulse and heart beat fine, she did an ecg to put my mind at rest but it showed the same as the other ecg which was inverted T waves suggestive of ischemic heart disease I am so scared that there is damage to my heart. :scared15: I have been refered to a Cardiologist who I am seeing on Thursday, which cannot come round quick enough.

Has anyone else had results likes this, I don't actually suffer from health anxiety but did have quite severe depression and anxiety last year which although the depression has gone I still get the anxiety at time. I am on an increased does of 200 mg Sertraline per day since around October 09.

Would appreciate any suggestions.

Take care


07-04-10, 00:34
I read that inverted T waves can be caused by many things that are non cardiac, among them -- anxiety and hyperventilation! Surprise!

Certain drugs can cause them along with abnormalities in electrolytes (potassium and sodium).

People can have inverted T waves with nothing at all wrong with the heart.

Try to hang in there, hon, until you hear from the cardio.


07-04-10, 19:15
Hi Corrine

Thank you for your support. Since recieving the letter last Thursday I have had twinges or pains in my upper back, chest, arms and stomach. Before the letter...an odd twinge here and there!! :blush:

I am preparing a list of questions for the poor old cardiologist tomorrow..he won't know what has hit him:D

On a serious note I hope to get some peace of mind one way or another I guess...it just feels so scary.

I will post tomorrow how I get on.

Again thanks for your reply it is appreciated.

Take care

Sue :hugs:

08-04-10, 20:45
Well I saw the cardiologist today, he eased my fears a bit. The abnormal ECG's could still be "Normal" for me. I have got to have an Echocardiogram, CT scan and some dye injected into my body to show up my heart in order that an accurate diagnosis can be made.

Although he did say my heart sounded fine, and I only have one real CHD risk which is slightly raised Cholesterol.

The down side is it will probably be about 4 weeks before I know for certain. :unsure:

Hopefully I will be able to stop worrying about every little chest or back twinge now...lol.

Take care