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07-04-10, 09:20
Hi folks, been a whike since I posted I aint been to well what with one thing and another.

The docs have now stopped my 30mg Mirtazapine as of yesterday and have been instructed by the Psychiarist to put me on Duloxetine 60mg which I started yesterday.

What are you experiences with this anti-depressant ?

I have G.A.D but lately have shown lots of depressive symptoms.

Be grateful for any feedback

sarah jayne
07-04-10, 10:03
I tried cymbalta and only lasted 3 days on it because it made me so ill, if you search for it on this forum you will find info on it.
sarah x

07-04-10, 10:12
It's difficult to judge how it'll affect you but it didn't suit me at all and I didn't last long on it.

Although a lot of doctors seem to think it's the same class of AD as mirtazapine, they're very different in terms of side effects and mechanism of action.

If you get harsh SEs from taking 60mg (I'm assuming it's 2x30mg daily) then try to reduce to 30mg once daily (morning) and you should be OK.

Good luck with it.

07-04-10, 13:11
Hi Sarah thanks for your reply and will do thanks.

07-04-10, 13:25
Thanks for your PM TardisMan.

It's nothing technical - I meant "side effects" by SEs! As I said, if it gets a bit much you can always see your doctor again and have the dose reduced but hope that won't be necessary.

Let us know how you get on

08-04-10, 10:08
Well so far not too bad mostly like a spaced out kind of feeling but nothing unpleasent

12-04-10, 07:39
I had a bad experience with duloxetine. I took 60mg for about a month. I was sick nauseous and giddy. It was very unpleasant and I had had high hopes for it.

13-04-10, 10:05
My doctor has just put me on 30mg of this medication daily, but I'm too scared to take it because of the side-effects. I can't cope with feeling any more anxious than I do now and not sleeping. Also it can cause stomach problems and I already have IBS due to anxiety, and as a result have lost a lot of weight recently. I just don't know what to do.