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10-04-10, 05:54
03 September
if only (http://bubble2thesky.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!CFCFD018139633E9!129.entry)

if only i cud see the stars they would they shine the night throw,
if only i cud smile the whole day throw,
if only life was as normal as a garden,
if only i had money to tend it,
if only id see the truth, that all ppl are the same,
if only thsi was true,
if only i cud find a dream to wish,
if only i cud sleep to dream,
if only the light turnd on and not off,
if only i have the strenth to make it shine,
if only friends were friends for a life time not just for now,

if only i was real my heart wouldnt cry, id sleep at night and id see the stars, i walk throw a garden and see it at night with the light that i could turn on

10-04-10, 06:14
firts poem i ever worte feel very sesative about it meep

georga xxxx

10-04-10, 06:18
Hi Georga,That is a lovely poem,you have a talent that you have tapped into keep up the poems,looking forward to more:)
Rhonda xx:flowers:

10-04-10, 06:56
Hello Georga, really lovely poem, read it this morning and I thought it was really good. Keep writing and as Ronny said, look forward to reading more. :-)

Jannie x x

10-04-10, 09:23
Yes you have a gift. Be proud of yourself. Your poem was really sensitive and touching.
Myra x

10-04-10, 12:57
That was lovely Hopers and I'm sure it will touch a lot of people x