View Full Version : Breast Cancer sign

11-04-10, 16:25
One of my nipples has been a bit sore recently, and has what looks like a small red spot on the top part, could this be anything to worry about? Can you get spots in this region or could it be a sign of breast cancer? Ive read about something called inflammatory brest cancer, could it be this? Im 26

11-04-10, 16:54
Right now, just looking at this first page of the forums, you think you have breast cancer, skin cancer, and DVT. In all honestly, don't you think it's more likely the real issue is with ANXIETY and constantly examining yourself?

There are things on your body, marks, freckles, imperfections. It's a part of being an individual. In order to be comfortable, you need to learn to accept that these are normal and natural, and the only danger to yourself IS YOURSELF.

Stop the constant self examination. You're fine. Seeking reassurance for every single perceived flaw is a bigger problem than any imperfection you're likely to find.