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20-01-06, 13:21
hey guys.. last time i posted on here i felt kind of lost..
but i think i may of found something that may be of use to you if you havnt already read this little gem

Overcoming social anxiety and shyness: A self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques.... its by a lady called Gillian Butler...

Before i read this even after reading alot on the internet and recieving peoples advice i still had my doubts and worrys about this condition.. but after reading this it really does put alot of things into perspective.. i really recommend it to you all... im not even half way through and its getting better... not saying its a instant cure or anything but i believe its a very good starting block to getting better.. but anyway just thort id let some of you now if you already havnt heard of it.

Take care

All my love bearzyxx

20-01-06, 15:56
thanks luke will lokk at that. take care. Vernon

20-01-06, 17:17
Thanks for the tip :D

"If life were simple, word would have got around"

26-01-06, 19:51
Thanks bearzy. Cbt is what worked for my anxieties and I still do my tea forms on a daily basis and I generally feel so much better than before. My cbt group focussed on a little more severe panic and anxiety but the book we used sounds a lot like this one you mentioned. It was called Been There, Done That? Do This! by Sam Obitz and I liked how it was written by a former sufferer of anxiety and depression because that it made easier for me to identify with. I hope you find similar success with all your anxieties but I am sure you are on the right track as cbt is really good.

20-02-07, 20:31
Bearzy thanks for the book rec. I went through a cognitive training group and it has turned my life around and I am always interested in books that helped others. We used the ones by Obitz and Burns in my group and they are both very good cognitive training books.

14-07-07, 00:27
bearzy I finally read it and that is a comforting book thx!