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13-04-10, 10:31
I've been diagnosed with GAD following 3 years of extreme stress. Symptoms are irritability, short fuse, can't sleep, can't concentrate, ringing in my ears and a feeling of being on red alert all the time.

I've tried different presciptions/therpaies but the latest from the GP is 10mg Amitryptiline before bed. Been on it 2 weeks and have noticed no improvement at all. I am starting to go out again after a year of withdrawl, which is a good sign, but i think this is more attitude change (i.e. forcing myself)

Like everyone, I wonder if anyone else is suffering the same and struggling with life without finding out why? Anyone had any luck with this medication?


13-04-10, 19:00

For Ami to be therapeutic at an anti-depressive calming level, dosage is 75-200mg. 10mg is usually for pain. In fact pain is up to 50 and then 75+ an AD. Bit confused to be honest as to why the doc would prescribe. Ami is a very old med and docs rarely give for depression anxiety etc these days, but is used for pain.

Perhaps another trip to the doc wouldn't go a miss? I've taken up to 30 for pain. Did nothing for depression etc.

L :)

15-04-10, 11:11

I am also on 10mg of amitriptyline for anxiety, have been for about 3 months now. Like you I felt (and still do in my heart of hearts) they did nothing for me other than make me feel pretty terrible in the first 2-3 weeks (bad headaches & dizzy spells). That said I am now in a very good place with little or no panic / anxiety feelings but can't help thinking I could have achieved this naturally anyway. I have started exercising and lost quite a bit of weight - can't be a coincidence!

My worry is that a few people on here have now questioned why my doc prescribed Amitrip for anxiety and at such a low dose - makes me wonder whyI am on them and if they are doing any good at all? I am due to see doc again next month and as long as I am still feeling well I will be asking to come off them (although I have also been told that with most AD's you are usually on them for a minimum of 6 months).

21-04-10, 16:20
Worked well for me once, hoping this time around it will work again too! wishing you good luck with it :)

22-04-10, 00:47
n07tv that sounds like a very familiar story, I've had a loada stress for three years, tried varying medications and gone through a couple of therapists and im still in the same boat, if not worse. I've had amitrip before and want to take it agaijn alongside gabapentin(which my doctor has also put me on for anxiety)

I must admit, 10mg of it is a pretty piddly dose, every doctor should know that for depression and anxiety its 75mg plus per day.

Odd isnt it, that it also took them 3 years to diagnose me with GAD jsut liek you, why the hell do they take so long??

24-04-10, 14:06

Amitryptiline is an older drug and is started off at a low dose like 10mg and gradually increased over a couple of months. It's really good for treating chronic pain at low doses, and generally helps with panic and anxiety at low doses in decreasing the muscle pains associated with it. But they'll usually increase the dose until it's at a level where you can tolerate it and it's affective for the anxiety :)