View Full Version : Trazodone and headaches

18-04-10, 16:44
I have been on Trazodone for about 2 weeks; mainly for anxiety which was affecting my sleep.
I find that I aa getting terrible headaches which do not resolve until late PM. Has anyone else had this experience?




18-04-10, 17:23
What dose are you on? I was on 150mg (50mg ttd) and got pressure headaches that I think were due to low blood pressure.

It does take several weeks for your body to get used to the drug so I would wait a while longer (a week or so) to see if it resolves. If not, see your doctor again, Mike.

18-04-10, 17:53
Thank you. I'm only on 50mg but the headaches are a really horrible.

19-04-10, 16:59
Stick to it, Mike. I'm sure they'll pass in a few weeks max. A lot of these meds can cause side effects like these but they're not permanent.

10-07-10, 04:22
i ive been on trazodone for month now was on 75g and now on 150mg (after trying 3 other different meds) i also suffer from headaches as well as sweating, sensitivity to noise and light and lack of sleep and very tearful has anyone had these? i dont like these but am bit worried bout changing as my doc swapped my meds 3 other times and ive read you ment to come off each slowly but have been told my doc to just change is this anyones experience? i find i have alot of lows when change for weeks and havent seen alot of change in any of them altho these seem to be alittle better than others (except side effects mentioned) as the one before mit tablets made me very agressive.

10-11-10, 10:09
Hi Mike

I started Trazodone 50mg about 2 weeks ago as well and am getting the headaches too although they are periodic and are getting less often now. I also get dry mouth (boiled sweets are good for this) but feel that the benefits of it outweigh the side affects, I feel like a new person!!.....the only other down side of it is that I can't stop eating, up until I started taking them I hardly ate at all so it's a complete reversal.

How are you getting on otherwise?