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22-01-06, 12:07
Amitriptyline is any one on this one? i have been put on it 10mg to tack a night! and i am also on Propranolol 20mg 3 times a day or to tack when i need it i think i read this is right Propranolol slows your hart beat down i know that, but dose Amitriptyline to that too? if they do should they be tacken togther? been reading to much agin on the side affcts! also what side affcets did you get and how long did they last for? as i am think i am still revoring from a panis attack i had on tueasday so my head is all swimming and i cant work out whats a side affcet and whats my after afecct from the panic attack.

amanda. x

22-01-06, 14:48
Hi Amanda

I have been on Amitriptyline 10mg for about 3 years now and I take 2 tablets at bedtime (they seem to act as a muscle relaxant with me) . I also take Propanalol (again for about 3 yrs) I take 3 x 10mg daily. Apart from the odd fluttering through my body and a bit of lightheadedness which both go away if I dont add to the fear I am Ok on them. The only thing I find is if I have to get up through the night I can be a bit disorientated and I can get quite thristy.

They have helped me tremendously and they are both a low dosage.

Hope this has been of some help - Take care for now

Darkangel x

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