View Full Version : Changing from Seroxat but what too? Please help me?

20-04-10, 21:58
Ive been on different levels of Seroxat for 10 years now, 2 1/2 years ago i became very ill again with severe anxiety and some depression and a psychiatrist put my doseage up to the top dose of 60mg. This had some effect and got me back to some normality, where i could actually function again.

However, i have been having more and more periods of anxiety again since Christmas and my GP has referred me back to the psychiatrist telling me he thinks i have become immune to the Seroxat (???)

I have an appointment on Thursday to have my meds reviewed with the psychiatrist and really what i would like to know on here is if anyone has changed there medication from Seroxat to something else and if so what and also of any advice they might be able to offer me about what i should do, and what effects it had??? Basically ive been told the doctor will pretty much go with what i want to do but im sooo scared of fiddling with my medication and making myself 'any worse' as i dont think i could cope with anymore, but i also know im on the top dose of Seroxat and cant go any higher and my anxiety/depression (depression resulting from anx) isnt under control. Im really confused and dont know what to do. HELP or ADVICE anyone, please? :weep: :wacko: xxxx