View Full Version : amitriptyline and GAD

23-04-10, 23:03
anyone any experience of this medication? if so polease relate your experiences

Vanilla Sky
24-04-10, 13:43
It certainly helped with my anxiety for a while and i was on it for nerve pain, so it was a nice surprise . I was only on 10mg so the effects didnt last long, it has to be a higher dose if it's for anxiety or depression .

24-04-10, 13:56
I had a very low dose for a short time ..Gave me unbearable headaches that lasted for days ,and I had to come off it ,Its not the best med for anxiety ,that said it works for some .Sue x

24-04-10, 21:29
ive had it before though not for very long, I'm currently capped at 50mg A night, I start it tonight too, I know i react ok to it so nothing to worry about there. good news is though my doctor is pretty guarded abotu meds usually i dont think hes too worried about this one and is prepared to take it to its maximum dose if necessary, if nothing else at least I know ill sleep well on it.