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16-02-04, 20:17
Hi, it's jade[:p]

iv been takin rescue remedie for a month and nothing has happened to me, what medication should i take[?]


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16-02-04, 20:45

We cant advise you on what medication to take, the only one who can is your doctor.
Go discuss it with your doc and see what he/she says. After all its only them that can prescribe it for you!

sorry if that sounds harsh matey but none of us are doctors and none of us know you and your medical history.

love Sarah

16-02-04, 22:15
quote:Originally posted by jade

Hi, it's jade[:p]

iv been takin rescue remedie for a month and nothing has happened to me, what medication should i take[?]


Turn that frown
Upside down:)

Its only my opinion but rescue remedy is a load of rubbish, i dont believe in homeopathy, they water herbs done until there is nothing left.
If you have anxiety try taking 5htp with a vit b complex. Or inositol, i have put loads of info on the information pages! have a look. Magnesium would be good alongside those things too.
Hope you find it helpful!
Claire :)


16-02-04, 22:42
It may be that Rescue Remedy doesn't work for you Jade. If it worked for everyone then the docs would just prescribe that and nothing else.

What works for some people won't work for everyone - that is life I am afraid.

Medication never worked for me atall - I felt just as bad on it so it just goes to prove that it doesn't work for everyone, so I could equally post a message saying that drugs are a load of rubbish but everyone reacts differently to things.

Rescue Remedy will not cure panic attacks but it helps alleviate the symptoms when you have them.

You could try some other natural remedies as Claire advises. The sooner I get my new page up the better eh?


17-02-04, 00:22
jade,my darling,your 14yrs old,and you should be talking to your parents about this.

as sarah says,we cant advise you,only your doctor can do that...as for the rescue remedy,well its aim is too take the edge off anxiety,not cure anything.

your a lovely young lady,and we all care about you...but you really do have to chat to mum,and dad about your worries,cos they really love you,and want you to have a happy,healthy life....bryan xxx.

18-02-04, 19:57
cheers for ya advise

i try to ask my parents but they just have a go at me.

my mum says ''you dont need to see the doctor or have any medication''

my dad says ''you need to deal with this on ya own''

lovely parents eh


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18-02-04, 23:12

I hope you got my email?


19-02-04, 10:42

You do not need medication to get through this. I must admit if you were my daughter I would be very reluctant indeed to get you medication.

I do not take medication and I ma slowly getting there. Pls try following advice on these pages re diet, exercise etc and you will be fine.

I know you are feeling as if you are not getting alot of support from your parents but it reaslly is a difficult thing to understand and maybe they are hoping it is a phase (I don't know I am only speculating)

Can you perhaps show your parents this website even print out anxiety symptoms and leave it for them to look at?

Or have you got an aunty or uncle you could talk too??


19-02-04, 21:39
all my aunts live 20 miles away min from where i live. my nan lives in the same town as me but she'll tell my parents.

iv been havin recent panic attacks (even at nite) but i havent told my parents, i cant face been shouted at!


22-02-04, 14:37
Oh Jade

You are in a bit of mess aren't you.
I wish I could say something to make you feel better.

Family are often the first people you talk to when you need help, and can be a great help in times of panic and stress.
I'm sorry you feel you can't talk to your family about your problem, but you are not alone there are lots of people out there who can't or won't talk to their families for what ever reason.

So we do the next best thing and find someone else who can help us.

Have you tried talking to Connexions? They are designed for younger people with problems. They may be able to give you advice, if they can't help you then they will know someone who can.
They have many centres around the country, so there may be a local one near you.

You can find more information here --> http://www.connexions-direct.com/
or you could try http://www.samaritans.org/ They are staffed 24-7 and will be able to talk to you when you are in a moment of panic. Or you could even try http://www.sane.org.uk/ a mental health charity designed to cope will all aspects of mental health problems, if they can't help you then they will know someone who can.

You could even try talking to a teacher at school and explaining to them the problems you are having and that you feel no one is listening to you.

Medication is a big step for such a young person, and many doctors are reluctant to hand it out to people under the age of 18, unless they feel you really need to have it, and there is nothing else they could suggest instead.

Many doctors will make special arrangements to see you if you explain the problems you are having and that you feel your parents aren't listening to you or not understanding about how you feel.

Good luck! Lets hope we can find someone out there to help you.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx

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23-02-04, 21:22
thanx liz, ill have a look at the sites