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24-01-06, 06:29
Hi everyone,
I've been taking paroxetine for about 4 months now and diazepam for times when I feel really terrible. My doctor said that it would be ok to have diazepam as a back up/for emergencies and it really helped just knowing it was there (nothing better than knowing you have a cure, even if it is only a placebo effect). Anyway, I went back to my doctor yesterday to get my paroxetine and some diazepam just in case as I have run out of them. Then when I arrived I found my doctor has left and we have a new doctor...I spoke to him about the problems and he has refused to give me any diazepam. I've always had it as a backup since I was in hospital & went to a psychiatrist about 5 years ago, this is the first time I've had none around. I'm not addicted, I hardly ever take them (30 lasted me 4 months).
I feel terrible because I have nothing to fall back on. Is it possible I will get used to this and it will be better for me? Or should I try and speak to the doctor again? He wouldn't even consider it last time though.
Thanks for your advice...

24-01-06, 08:21
That does seem like overkill. There is no way you are going to get addicted on 8ish tablets a month.

However, doctors are under great pressure not to create benzo addicts so sometimes go to the other extreme.

Of course it is better for you not to have to need them at all. I would discuss it with him again and ask about having a smaller emergency supply or getting you referred for therapy like CBT which will lessen your need for them.


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24-01-06, 09:53
I was also given Diazepam as a back from my GP. I think it is just the thought you know they are there if need be. I am coming off Setraline very slowly, but getting there. I would go back to your surgery. You can always see another Dr. if you think it would help you. They will be able to see from your records that you have been very sensible about taking the Diazepam. I am now getting to the point where I forget I have them. I am trying to concentrate more on diet and exercise for my anxiety, and eventually become free of medication after the last 6 years
or so. Best of luck with the doctor.

Best wishes
Jenny xxxx

24-01-06, 12:18
Hi Th0ts, I have diazepam and atavan, Atavan is a bit stronger than Vallium and I think works and clears from the blood quicker. I kept getting repeat prescription from Doctors but never used them I think I have had 2 x 2mg in over 12 months, But like you I think its in the mind I just want them there (in case). I would go ask the doctor and tell him you donít intend using unless really desperate, and tell him how much better you would feel having a few at home even if you donít take them. I really cant see why he wont if you say you are not taking them and I would have thought he was there to help your anxiety not make it worst by giving you another worry. Take care. Vernon

20-04-06, 12:49
wow this sounds so simular to me! im on prozac and have just been given 2mg of valuim to calm me down. she only gave me 21 tablets and i soon went through them, i asked for a repete but she refused, i really kicked off and she eventually gave me some more. i like to think of it as an emergency back up, sometimes i dont need it sometimes i do need just the one tablet to help during times of stress!