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26-04-10, 21:31
I was recently prescribed 58tabs of 2mg diazepam. And nothing has ever helped me as much as these. I am very aware of the risks and take only as needed but has helped me excel in my job and I am happier than I have ever been. However, I lost an open pack the other day, and I have an appointment tomorrow to inform the doctors but I am very worried as to what they will think.

Anyone help em out?

26-04-10, 21:41

Well if you lost them then there is not a lot they can do really and nor can you.

I am surprised they gave you so many at once though - most GP's only prescribe about 10 -14 at a time to make sure you don't get addicted.

Why are you taking them anyway?

26-04-10, 21:44
Really?? Thats bad I was hoping they would give me some more, to replace the ones I lost. I take them for social anxiety, and general anxiety. I am also on 40 mg citalopram and have been or months but it made no difference to me.

This is the only thing that has helped me. My GP said as I was sensible and not stupid with them I could have two months worth.

26-04-10, 21:49
I have never come across anyone being prescribed so many at once. I used to be given 10 at a time and then it was reviewed. They are highly addictive as you well know.

If your GP gives you that many at once then that is down to him I guess so I am sure he will give you more.

26-04-10, 21:52
Really?? I didn't know that, I originally had ten to start and then was prescribed the rest. The thing is now, I am so much better than I was, I can function at work, and my life is generally much improved, that I am almost scared to not have the whole amount I had.

I don't drink, smoke or do anything really. Its just been the biggest blessing for me as I have been so bad with anxiety since as far as I remember. It has held me back at work and with all aspects of my life.

I really don't want to go back to that. I am seeking therapy indepently of the medication as well.

26-04-10, 22:00
Try not to get addicted to them please. I have seen people on here take years to come off Diazepam.

Definitely go down the therapy route and ditch the valium in my opinion lol (but do it on docs advice of course).

How long you been on them?

26-04-10, 22:12
Hi thanks for the advice,

Its really nice to have someone to talk to who understands how i feel, which is why i signed up here. I have only been on them for about two weeks. I had literally only just got the 56 tabs then I lost one packet.

I just want to be able to get my packet back so that I can be back where I started and control my own dosage. The most I ever have in a day is 4mg and that is really rare. Its the only thing that has ever helped me. The thing is now im anxious about going in and saying I lost them, to not get more. TIs like a vicious, cycle. The worst part is, last tuesday when I got them I felt like my life had really turned around. It was great.

Now I am scared and anxious again. I hate this illness. Its just non stop.


26-04-10, 22:37
ahh ok well 2 weeks is not a long time.

I had 2mg ones and used to split them so only took 1mg at a time.

Well these things happen and whilst they may tell you to be more careful (as someone may find them that shouldn't) they can't penalise you for a simple loss.

Feel free to post about your other concerns on here as well and see if someone can help more.

26-04-10, 22:50
Thank you for your advice, It has really eased my mind. I am just trying to excel at my job and this is really getting in the way of it. I feel like a complete idiot losing them, its like you step forward and move back.

Thanks again for the help.

26-04-10, 23:18
Good luck at docs and let us know how you get on

27-04-10, 08:38

Thanks, I am seeing my doctor this afternoon, although I couldn't get in to see the same one. Had a terrible nights sleep worrying about it, which was horrible. I just need the blanket safety I had prior to losing the packet. I'm hoping the doctor will be understanding enough.

Will report back on it.

27-04-10, 09:03
i used to take them still have some for rainy day but dont take now i nce lostsome and they gave me another script they should believe you a it wasnt the end of your course

27-04-10, 12:27
Thanks for the advice, I really hope they do as I was so optimistic before I lsot them. And now it feels like I have been knocked down again. The reason I got a big prescription is that it makes me anxious getting out of work to go to the docs, and I dont want to appear bad to my colleagues as I need ot keep this job.

27-04-10, 13:14
I have a pack and havent even tried to take them
Taking them makes me anxious
Im scared I will fall asleep and not wake up
Im scared of becoming addicted to them
How funny, Im anxious about taking medication to calm the anxiety.
Oh Brother

27-04-10, 15:14
I find the opposite to be honest, they really help me out. thats why I hope that they will give me the rest of my script, as I have lost half of it.

27-04-10, 16:03
I'm sure your doc will, John. But as others have said just be careful about its use. Having said that, sometimes it's necessary in order to control severe anxiety, and I do understand and sympathise with people who take it long-term. Anxiety comes in varying degrees of severity and sometimes only a benzo like diazepam will help.

Hope it goes well for you and let us know how you get on.

27-04-10, 16:30
Yeah I hope they will, its just a really shit thing that has happened. Which is really annoying.

I usually split them into halfs anyway to have them.

They are very very effective I find.

28-04-10, 08:51
So...the new doctor I saw flat out refused to prescribe diazepam, hated the idea. Prescribed me paroxetine?? enyone used them before??

28-04-10, 08:59
So...the new doctor I saw flat out refused to prescribe diazepam, hated the idea. Prescribed me paroxetine?? enyone used them before??

I did use them a few years ago. As far as I remember they work in a similar way as Citalopram as in they are not a quick fix that make you woozy, but a long-term antidepressant and as such you will only feel the effects after 2-4 weeks.

If you look in the "Medication" part of these forums there is a section dedicated to paroxetine. You could also look it up on Wikipedia.

Good luck!