View Full Version : New To These Meds?

28-04-10, 18:59
Hi there,

I'm new on the forum and new on these pills, the doctor said they are a nightmare to come off, however he wouldn't me have any more diazepam, very strange.

What are they like? any side effects to be worried about, are they effective??

28-04-10, 19:02
whitch meds are you taking

28-04-10, 19:15
I initially was put on these but they didn't agree with me so I tried Citalopram which also didn't agree & have now settled onto Fluoxetine.
My side effect was a very fast heart rate that couldn't be controlled.
All meds effect people differently though so you may well be fine on them.
Good luck.

29-04-10, 12:59
Im on Seroxat, though been hearign some scare stories about these. My doc withdrew my Diazepam for some annoying reason.