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29-04-10, 21:17
Hi everyone :blush:

I'm being referred in a couple of weeks to The Priory for treatment. I don't know if it will be inpatient or day care at the moment.

Has anyone been through any of their group therapies? Or been an inpatient there?

To say i'm scared is an understatment!


29-04-10, 21:50
Yes I have had treatment at the Priory. I still see my psychiatrist Dr J there. They offer a very high standard of private psychiatric care. If you pm me I'll try to answer any questions that you might have. I have had in patient treatment and day care. Try not to worry too much. You can look at what services they offer online. Take care. EJ

29-04-10, 22:40
I have had treatment at the Priory too, I fell very scared and uncomfortable at the thought of going to a psychiactric hospital, especially as I had to be in group therapy, I was definatly a one to one person then.

On the first day I felt really anxious when I arrived there, but once I met the other people in the group and found their experiences, fears and symptoms were all similar to mine, I settled down and was fine. After a few sessions I really began to benefit from and actually enjoy the group therapy sessions.

What I learned at the Priory stood me in good stead to recover and understand what was going on with me. I also gained a lot of confidence from being in group therapy.

I am sure things will be fine for you at the Priory, the staff I met there were kind, caring, supportive and understanding. I hope you benefit as much as I did.

Take care


30-04-10, 16:02
not been at the Priory but somewhere similar. The best thing I ever did.
I was an outpatient for a month. Just go with the flow and don't be afraid of talking about anything and everything. Then the healing starts

05-05-10, 10:19
Thank you so much for the reassurance!

05-05-10, 12:25

I have just looked on the priory website and I wish I could be referred there. It look as if it is a great place to go to help yourself. I hope you find the help there you need x

05-05-10, 15:40
Hi again FB if you do go in as an in-patient you will have your own en-suite room and allotted nurse. A programme will be drawn up for you which might include group therapy. one to one, CBT, art therapy, anger management, relaxation. Some of these groups might be done with day patients. If you are an in-patient you will see your psychiatrist once a week and also maybe a therapist as well. Some groups will be optional. Meal times are communal and are not optional. If you are a recovering alcoholic or addict or recovering from an eating disorder you would have a different programme.Stays can be anyting from a week to six weeks or longer depending on what your insurance allows. Best wishes EJ.

05-05-10, 16:55
Hello could I ask a question about the priory? How much is this, I don't actually work at the minute but I intend to get a job very soon and just wondered how much it would be to go into the priory as an out patient, day patient and inpatient?

Thanks x

06-05-10, 06:02
Hi Hallam

I was referred to the Bristol Priory in Jan 09. The weekly programme they advised me to have was:
1 hr counselling @ 120
1 hr trauma therapy 120
1 hr group therapy 89

All the staff were very understanding & put me at my ease straight away but as I was on sick leave at the time I had to decline, even if I had been working I could not have afforded 329 a week for therapy.

Instead I found a wonderful private psychologist who charges 100 an hr. It's still a struggle to pay it but I have no regrets.

06-05-10, 09:38
I got sent a price list for Jan '10 onwards:

Standard overnight fee: 644 per night
HDU overnight: 707 per night

Day care: 236 - 564 including lunch

OP Treatment: Therapy 125, Group 92, Consultant Psych 200-250

Ouch!!!!!!!!!! I'm planning to get funding from the NHS because I don't have insurance.

06-05-10, 19:37
I'm very interested to see if the NHS will pay. They might refer you if they cannot provide the services that you require themselves. In that sense you would probably be unique unless it is for something very specific and you require urgent treatment for it. Let us know how you get on. Years ago this type of referral was called an ECR an extra contractural referral ie your PCT or Health Authority would buy in the services that you require. Such referrals these days for mental health are very rare.

06-05-10, 19:54
Wow It really is expensive!!! I am not in a position to pay for this type of private therapy however when I do get a job I will look into seeing a private therapist.

Thanks so much for your help!

07-05-10, 19:33
i wanted to ask about this. I have about 3000 and am considering trying to self fund into somewhere like the priory, but it looks like that is not going to get me very far :(.