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30-04-10, 20:44
i got prescribed this today, i have 20mg dose to take once a day, not sure what i should be expecting from this, its not a route myself or my doctor have wanted to take but my work got an independent assessment done on me by a doctor of their choice and he agrees i suffer from anxiety but has said to my work that i should be on anti-depressants and that they will cure me in 3 months!!

my own doctor is not happy and nor am i but to keep my work happy i am now going to be taking something i do not wish to do as they do not cure the symptoms they just put them on hold for a whiley and they do not cure you as my doctor has said to me

just wondering what to expect when i start them?


if this does not make sense i am sorry, not very good at explaining things

10-05-10, 13:35
Why did your doctor choose Seroxat? It definitely wouldn't be the one I tried first. It is a bloody nightmare to get off and the first few weeks can be very rocky.

Having said that it DID help me a lot. The first few weeks you should expect the anxiety to get a little worse. The other symptoms vary - I couldn't stay awake and had terrible yawning!

10-05-10, 14:23
Hi Lizz,,,Wayne here,
Surely they cannot make you do that Lizz,,,what kind of people are they, i would have thought what you, and your own Dr thinks is best for you,,is best for you. I don't know how they can treat someone like this, i would not have thought it was allowed!
You know i'm your friend Lizz and if you need to talk i'm here,,,
Your friend Wayne xx.

10-05-10, 17:45

I must say I was a little shocked when I read your post too....I dont know how they can do that either!!! I think it should definately be your own choice to want to go onto anti-depressants and then that coming under reccomendation from your GP!!! What kind of employer can force this on someone? Seems very un-real to me...I would delve a little further and dont be pushed into something that you clearly do not want.

Good luck and do think twice here.

10-05-10, 18:22
I must agree I would look into it more as I'm sure they can't make you take something that you do not want to take.
I personally did not get on at all well with these tabs & was taken off of them after a trip to A&E, all people are different though.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do xx

10-05-10, 18:43
I would look at other options before starting paroxetine. It's a powerful med - all ADs are - and it's not a decision to be taken lightly, certainly not one to be foisted upon you by anyone. I'm surprised they never offered any talking therapy first.

I can't believe you'd be told that you'd be "cured" in 3 months. Wish it were as simple. I work in recruitment and I've never come across a situation where you'd be made to take medication in this way. Even if OH get involved, these details should be kept strictly confidential and you always have the option to seek a second opinion and act upon it if necessary to counter the first.

It seems like a very strange situation and not one I'd accept.

11-05-10, 21:37
i had to come off this one, i took some very bad side effects, do not want to go through again, my anxiety rocketed, you could have peeled me off the ceiling, i felt dizzy, threw up and felt like my head was not attached to my body and that was only after a few days, had to phone nhs 24 i was feeling so bad, also had a constant feeling of tightness in my jaw and neck like i was going to be sick and yawning all the time which made my jaw feel tight too, so nhs 24 said i was having a reaction to it and to see my doctor, so i did and they said to come off it, its going to take a week to 10 days to come out of my system and i was only on it a week

i am not happy i was made to feel like this at all and that a doctor who does not know me made recommendations that i should try this just because my work referred me to see him, my own doctors were not happy with what he said in the report at all

i am now scared to try anything else as i do not want to have a reaction like that again, i am just going to stick to my betablockers