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06-05-10, 23:12
Please can anyone tell me if tinnitus can be caused by or made worse by betablockers? Im slowly going bananas with this high pitched whistle, sometimes in time with my pulse. Maybe its the anxiety causing it? Aaaargggh!

Thanx for listening

Jillybean :whistles:

Going home
06-05-10, 23:57
I take a beta blocker too, propranolol...also known as inderal, and I do get a sort of humming sound in my right ear most days. When it first came on I would be searching the flat for what it could be, convinced it was the fridge motor or something like that to be honest. Fortunately for me its low pitched so not so troublesome so I sympathise with you having a higher pitched noise! But yes, meds can cause a sort of tinnitus, but then anxiety itself can do this too.

Anna xxx

07-05-10, 19:22
i been on 2.5 bisprplol for 10 days becouse of palpitations i have tinnitus sometimes it very bad also get muscle pains does anyone have these muscle pains in chest sometime arms