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07-05-10, 21:45
I am very sad to say that Karen has died this week. Many of you will remember Karen as she was a longstanding member of NMP since July 2004.

Karen fought a long term battle with anorexia and depression but always continued to help and support people on NMP and I had the pleasure of meeting her many times at various meetups and conferences.

She was a very kind and caring person and will be sadly missed by us all.

There is a Facebook page in her memory if you would like to contribute or you can post any messages here, of course


I am sorry to post such sad news but I know that a lot of people on NMP wanted to pay their respects to Karen as well

Going home
07-05-10, 21:48
How very sad...rest in peace Karen, hope you're in a better place.

Anna xxx

07-05-10, 21:51
That is sad .. R.I.P. xxx

07-05-10, 21:53
Damn, her demons won in the end. :weep:

After all the suffering I pray that she is now finally at peace, also needs to be acknowledged how many members of this site tried to help her through her difficult times.

Very sad news Nic

07-05-10, 21:55
I've always missed Karen since she decided to leave. Although she had many problems herself and struggled greatly, she always had a kind word for anyone in need. I just hope she can find the peace that she never found in life.

RIP Karen xxx :hugs:

07-05-10, 21:57
Good night Karen.
May you rest in peace now hun.
Bless you!


07-05-10, 21:58
Oh Karen, how very very sad. May you now know peace.
Myra xxx

07-05-10, 22:02
so sad RIP Karen, hope you are at peace now xx

07-05-10, 22:05
How sad.
May she now be finally at peace.
My sympathy to you Nic, and to all Karens's family and friends and the people who knew her on NMP.

07-05-10, 22:09
Yes Poppy - Karen is in most of the meet-up pics from the early days - like the Alton Towers meet-ups etc.

07-05-10, 22:13
so, so sad. I hope Karen is now in a better place. Rest in Peace xxx

07-05-10, 22:16
She will be missed and remembered fondly by all who knew her.

07-05-10, 22:24
so sad hope your at peace now

07-05-10, 22:34
Have just read the news about Karen. I feel very sad as she was a lovely warm person. EJ

07-05-10, 22:43
So sad, i hope you have found your peace now Karen xx

07-05-10, 22:50
Rest in peace Karen xxx

07-05-10, 23:06
rest in peace karen x

Veronica H
07-05-10, 23:34
Thinking of Karen and her family, and also her friends here at this very sad time.


07-05-10, 23:55
karen r.i.p

i know you will be deeply missed and even though you are gone,
you will always remain within peoples hearts and minds,
you have helped so many people,
kind,caring, and understanding,

even though you have been taken away from us all,
we know you are no longer in pain,
you are one of our angels with wings now,

im proud to be able to say i have known you,
and had the chance to be helped by a special lady
as you,
sleep well karen, and hope you have found the peace,
you have always wanted from your demons!!

lea xx

hugs for all the members and hugs for karens friends and family too

07-05-10, 23:58
Thank you Nic for posting this. I was so shocked to hear that Karen had died :weep: I'd always hoped that things would improve for her one day, as so many of us did.

Sending love to all Karen's family and friends

Rest In Peace Karen xxx

08-05-10, 02:23
This is so sad. Karen I hope you have found peace, the battle is over and the race is run.

Thanks for letting us know Nichola.


08-05-10, 03:07
rest in peace karen x x x

Granny Primark
08-05-10, 08:28
Im truly gutted.
I met karen at the Trentham meetup 3 years ago.
She was such a sweet person.
Ive got her on my facebook and shes always been so supportive to me.
She was a very caring loving person and I will miss her.
R.I.P Karen.

08-05-10, 08:29
Sleep tightly, Karen, free from suffering.

You will be missed by so many xxx

08-05-10, 11:04
RIP peace Karen hunny:hugs:


08-05-10, 11:37
This is awful, I was just wondering about her yesterday.

She was a great support to me back in the early days even though she had many troubles of her own.

At least she is now free from the probems that plagued her life.

My thoughts are with her family.

Goodnight Karen, be happy.


08-05-10, 11:45
How tragic .I remember Karen when I joined and she was a very sweet person .I hope you have found peace at last dear Karen .My thoughts are with your family and friends .R.I.P luv Sue x:hugs:

08-05-10, 13:01
very shocked and sad for karen and all of her friends and famliy x

08-05-10, 17:10
Such sad news ..R.I.P Karen x

08-05-10, 17:57
Very sad news:weep:R.I.P Karen xxxxx

08-05-10, 18:05
I never got the chance to meet Karen but I am saddened that such a cherished member is no longer with us. Rest in peace Karen, may you find the rest up in heaven x

08-05-10, 18:06
Rest in Peace Karen xxx

08-05-10, 18:20
I have known Karen since joining nmp a few years ago and chatted alot with her and had a few long conversations, she also helped me over a few issues i had, we also talk on facebook.

I was very saddened to hear of her death, even though she was a very troubled soul, i hoped one day she would find some happiness, its a shame she could never see what a beautiful and caring person she was, R.I.P Karen hun xx

08-05-10, 18:28
Very sad news. My condolences, RIP.

08-05-10, 20:05
Thank you for this Nic..:flowers:Karen will be pleased to say her last goodbyes on here to her 'family'...I hope everyone visits her own tribute page on Face Book too..it is a sign of how much she was loved and respected.Sad she could never quite accept that!! I will be making a donation to NMP in memory of Karen and i believe she wanted this instead of floral tributes..generous to the last aye.May she rest in the arms of the Angels forever in peace ..Lord knows she deserves it ..God Bless and keep you dear friend.:hugs::flowers: Love as ever Paddie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

08-05-10, 20:51
I hope that karen is in a happy place now R.I.P.

08-05-10, 22:46
R.I.P. Karen.

Deepest Blue
09-05-10, 12:06
Still heartbroken. She was an amazing lady... I wished I could just reach out to hug her.. :(

09-05-10, 13:04
I've only just read this page and I am deeply deeply saddened :weep:

Rest in Peace Karen, you are in a better place now

09-05-10, 15:06
I never was lucky enough to meet Karen but am saddened by the news. May you rest in peace Karen. Thoughts with your family and friends. Jo.xx

09-05-10, 15:48

Love Piglet :flowers:

09-05-10, 16:58
I never met Karen, however. She seemed like a much loved and respected member. I send the forum members who knew her my love and hugs, and to her family .. RIP Karen xx

09-05-10, 19:13
So sorry to hear this sad news, god bless Karen and may you have found peace.


Vanilla Sky
09-05-10, 22:27
Very sad news. May you rest in peace Karen
Paige x

10-05-10, 01:42
This is so sad :( R.I.P Karen. x

10-05-10, 02:18
This is so very sad. May God Bless and I hope you have found the peace you sought.



10-05-10, 02:25
Just read the news. So sorry to hear of another horrible loss of a deeply loved member. Such a travesty to render the heart :(.
My thoughts are with all those who knew and loved her.
Much love,

Chrissy xxxx

10-05-10, 07:09
rip karen a lovely ladyxx

10-05-10, 08:17
rip karen and my love to her family and friends and members on this website who knew her shellxxx

sarah jayne
10-05-10, 10:37
I didnt know karen but would like to send my love to everytone that knew her.RIP xxx

10-05-10, 12:52
Sorry to hear the news. God bless all. RIP Karen xxx

10-05-10, 14:36
Oh my gosh!
This is so sad. Poor, poor Karen.

12-05-10, 00:38
This really is very sad news. I didn't know Karen in person but I spoke to her many times on NMP. She was a lovely person who will be sadly missed by those who knew her.

I shall be thinking of her family and all those who knew her.

R.I.P. Karen xxx :flowers:

14-05-10, 18:33
I am pleased to have 'known' Karen on here and on Facebook. Many a time she had a kind and encouraging word to say to me, even though she was struggling herself. She was sensitive and intelligent....also a mean scrabble player and I really enjoyed the challenge in our games......I didn't win very often!
Of course, as we know, she was a troubled soul too. I am sure she is at peace now, finding the happiness in the afterlife that eluded her in life.

God Bless


14-05-10, 21:46
Will there be a collection for karen? I think I read somewhere about donations to NMP??? or was I imagining it?
I would be happy to donate.

14-05-10, 22:43
Hi Poppy

This was posted on Facebook by her brother......

I just wanted to confirm Karen's wish for donations to Nomorepanic rather than flowers. Donations can be made direct or through Mummery's in Bexhill who are organising the funeral and who will collect and forward on. My thanks again to everyone who has left such kind and loving messages. Iain.

15-05-10, 19:48
This is very sad news :weep:
RIP Karen, i hope you are in a better place and feeling happier

18-05-10, 22:01
Hi Nic
Thanks for letting me know. I will make a direct contribution to NMP.
Poor Karen, I hope she is at peace now. Its so sad.
I hope you are feeling better?
Poppy xx

20-05-10, 15:20
rest in peace karen ,, so sad just seen this x

22-05-10, 00:36
Only just seen this

Rest in peace Karen

love mandie xx

29-05-10, 03:01
I'm sorry but I've only just read this too. I'm deeply saddened to hear this news because although I never met Karen, I often read and replied to her posts. Somehow it feels you can get to know someone just through their written words and sometimes what they say touches you in such a way that to hear of their loss feels all the more tragic. She was a lovely woman who suffered so much. She is very sadly missed. xxx

29-05-10, 10:51
I have only just seen this post also. Karen was often on here when I first joined. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news and offer my sympathies to all Karen's family and friends.
Rest in Peace Karen.


19-06-10, 13:07
Our paths crossed only briefly, but you toutched my heart in soo many different ways.


My heart goes out to Karens family and friends

LOVE karen, (aka jill )

23-06-10, 21:42
I haven't logged on here for ages but I was thinking of Karen last night.

I am so saddened to hear this news but I am glad Karen is no longer in the torment she struggled and suffered.

Oh she was a handful. A delight, a pain - she was so very complex. It was just so horrible to watch her destroy her life. She was just sooooo stubborn. And that probably kept her fighting on for so very long with such poor health.

RIP in peace "Karen". hope you get to meet your hero, and I am very sure your body and soul will be so much happier now. Take care up in heaven, rest and relax. Thanks for being here on NMP when I was struggling. I know we had a few 'words' from time to time but there were times of mutual support too. I bet you are shining now...

25-06-10, 11:47
I was really shocked at this sad new's about Karen.
I hope you are at peace now.xxxxxx

25-06-10, 12:42
I still think of Karen every day, i just feel its such a shame that she really couldnt have been helped, i just hope she is at peace now. xxx

20-10-10, 22:15
Not been on here for a while. Just thought I'd check in! Shocked by this. Poor Karen. She just needed proffesional help that either wasnt given or didnt help her. Poor thing. I'm so sorry for for her and her family and friends. She was always kind to me. I know she had issues but she tried her best to help others at the same time which is something special.

Rest in peace Karen xxxx

23-10-10, 00:05
that is very sad :(

Rest in peace Karen xx

23-10-10, 17:25
I didnt know her but it really is very sad. RIP.