View Full Version : Seroxat to Sertraline?

10-05-10, 13:55
Hi! :)

I have been struggling to get off Seroxat for a while and after my latest blip my doctor suggested I come off it quite quickly and go onto Sertraline to cushion the blow.

I've been on Sertraline for 14 days now (and off Seroxat for 15) and although I have felt fine until now I have started to have weird dreams, a bad temper and today I have had the return of the anxiety.

It seems quite late to be getting both Seroxat withdrawal and the Sertraline side effects, no?

What do others think? Is this the drugs or is it me? :unsure:

10-05-10, 15:15
Could be a bit of both: withdrawal and start-up side effects. It takes a week or so for the levels of sertraline to peak in your blood so late-ish side effects aren't rare. I was on paroxetine for years before I swapped to sertraline (50mg = approx 20mg paroxetine) and think it's much better regarding side effects and efficacy. Give it a few more weeks and you should see clear improvements.

10-05-10, 15:47
Oh thanks. I swapped from 20mg seroxat to 50 mg Sertrealine too. It's just I was doing so well and now I've got myself in a state about one bad day.

10-05-10, 18:08
Hi there, in the last 3 months i have moved from Effexor, to flouxetine to sertraline !. I am desperately trying to find the right drug for me and my panic and anxiety. I have heard sertraline is great so fingers crossed. I am only 3 days into this med and today i have had terrible heart palps which frighten me. I am hoping this is either a withdrawal from flouoxetine (although i was only on them a month). you are probably experiencing some withdrawal.
Good luck !

14-05-10, 07:36
hMMM. I have been on this for three weeks now and I feel quite depressed. Very low mood and anxiety. I don't know what to do. Don't want to stop the meds, don't want to carry on.