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10-05-10, 19:22
My doctor gave me amitriptyline for my depression and told me to switch straight from a previous antidepressant literally one one day the other the next. Is that right?? I'v literally slept 24hours I'm so irritable, sick and this may be tmi but cant pee lol

jaded jean
10-05-10, 19:36
Hi monkeylover
I switched from prozac to mirtazapine in 1 day and my latest change was from mirtazapine to citalopram in36 hours . felt quite rough but getting there. amitryptiline is a a/d plus a muscle relaxant .If it was going to interact with any other meds you are on it would not have been prescribed. about the peeing no idea but someone will read your thread and probably have the answer or recommendations. there is always support and help.:hugs:

10-05-10, 19:40
Hey there,

It does seem to me that the weaning off period is really not very long at all. How long had you been on the amitriptyline? Because it can take a little while for the drugs to work out of your system. It just seems very quick to me. My weaning off period from mirtazapine is going to take about 3-4 weeks. It may be different for the drug you are taking, im no doctor it just seems quick.

Take care xxx

10-05-10, 19:41
That's not nice, though I can't say I'm shocked Rosie.

Amitriptyline isn't prescribed for depression very often any more as it's an old med. Perhaps your doctor gave it to help with sleep issues as it can be good for that.
It can however cause issues with peeing lol.

Bad doctor indeed.

10-05-10, 20:32
I'm on amitryptiline for GAD (along with gabapentin) and I am finding it quite helpful, remember, just because its old, does'nt mean it does'nt work. I'm no where near out of the woods yet, however I can explain the reason why urinating is dificult - its a side effect of amitryptilene, for this reason it has often been used in low doses for bedwetting for children.

give it a try before saying the doctors bad :)


10-05-10, 20:43
Dear Monkey I'm sorry that you are having trouble switching anti depressants. I have taken dothiepin (another tricyclic) and it had a strong sedative effect. I was also offered amytryptiline when my IBS was very bad as it is a good muscle relaxant. If you are being sick or can't keep anything down then you won't be able to pee. You must drink fluids ideally water and then you will be able to go to the loo. If not call your Drs asap. I have also been the victim of cross tapering ie staying on one anti depressant whilst introducing a new one (did not work) and going 'cold turkey' ie taking one or two final doses and stopping completely. It does not make my psych a bad doctor. We have both learn't that I can't tolerate these switches. The withdrawals that you are experiencing are not pleasant but should improve after a week or so.

10-05-10, 21:26
just because its old, does'nt mean it does'nt work.

I wasn't suggesting that it doesn't work - just that it's an outdated AD. I'm sure it works just fine and is usually prescribed in low doses for other conditions, as in the doses required for depression (>50mg) it has a lot of side effects.

10-05-10, 22:15
Dear Mel I thought that the psychs want us off the older anti ds because they are more toxic in overdose. That was Dr Js reason for getting me off dothiepin. However when I was ill he gave me the chance to go back on it if I wanted to. I have two colleagues who are on amytriptyline for nerve pain (after shingles) and the other to help her sleep! I had an interesting chat with my pharamcist once who argued that as I had been on it such a long time (sixteen years) that it was probably less effective. Especially as Dr J had me on mirtazapine as well for a while. Maybe the older anti ds (trycyclics) are less effective over time? Glad I'm off the (dothiepin) though. I wish you well Monkey in your attempts in finding an anti d that suits you.

12-05-10, 19:12
Hey guys thanks for all your views, just talked to other people who see the same guy and they recon he's good for jsut writing prescriptions. I got the amytriptoline for the depression with a combo of pain relief for some severe injuries but only been on it a matter of weeks and cant make heads or tails of things anymore, I' seriously contemplated coming off it and getting a second opinion.