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31-01-06, 01:00
Hi all,

I have just bought a new herbal tea called Yogi Tea.

They have a really wide selection I have bought the stomach ease tea and I'm going to go and buy the throat comfort tea on-line.

Here is the link to Yogi Tea plus the website that does them if anyone's interested.

http://www.teaworld.co.uk/teasDetail.php?product=0?brand=Yogitea?tea=0?blend =0?shop=Y?popular=N?package=0?band=0?start=0?end=9

The website is called Tea World and It also has lots of other brands of teas which loook quite nice to.

Take Care all.;)

Love & Wishes.


31-01-06, 01:07
Thanks for that Pips I will certainly be looking as my latest venture is cutting out caffeine altogether,xxx

Most of lifes battles are won, by looking beyond the clouds to the sun:
and having the patience to wait for the day,when the sun comes out and the clouds go away.

love from Alexisxx

31-01-06, 01:11
No prob's Alexis I notice that I seem to be worse if i have caffeine.

Take Care,

Love PIP'S X X