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help me 21
12-05-10, 04:09
hi all just quick message......... ermm i need 2 get a relaxation tape.. iv looked on the online shop but carnt find any what wud suit me i need some think with th person talking 2 me on the tape that wud help me some think like telling you 2 relax and vilialize some where nice n carm any help xx leanne

12-05-10, 22:05

i recently bought a relaxation cd aimed at stress and anxiety - its called complete relaxation by Glenn Harrold.

The first disk helps you deeply relax your body, puts u in a sort of trance and he reads positive phrases to you...

The second disk is similar and visualation based - ive not listened to this as much as the first disk, but was surprised how well I could visualise and how much i did still relax!

Just a though I would leave that though with you - it works for me but everyone is different!

take care

12-05-10, 22:27
I don't sell any relaxation cd's I am afraid as it is such a personal choice.

20-05-10, 15:28
Theres a charity called no panic they sell them. Quite cheap too. type no panic into google it comes up with the site. or alternatively the number is 08088 080 545

When u get thru to someone u can ask for the info pack with the list in there of what they sell xx

03-06-10, 13:42

My reply is probably a bit late (only joined the site today) but Amazon sell relaxation cd's at a good price and they vary. I purchased one and find it quite useful. I've also heard that the book 'Feel the Fear and Do It Any Way' has a cd version that I think would be quite good (I've read the book and found it helped).

11-07-10, 03:53
You might want to check out Belleruth Naparstek on Amazon. She sounds like she's just what you're looking for, on CD or Cassette.

12-07-10, 01:36
Crystal Healing by Anthony Miles.

I find that quite relaxing.

Good long relaxing tracks:- 1)Crystal Deva 2)Sublime.

22-07-10, 08:25
We got ours from attending a stress-pac group run by our local health authority psychiatry team. I'm pretty certain if you asked your GP or their recepionist they would be able to get you one from their mental health team. Its also worth enquiring wether they run a stress-pac group in your area. They are free to attend and you or your GP can phone up and put your name down. Basically they are run over a period of 6 weeks, built up of 6 one hour sessions, and trained psychiatry nurses explain what anxiety/depression is, the chemistry behind it and what you can do to help yourself. You will be given a relaxation cd at the start of the course. Its worth checking out x

11-07-12, 11:39
amazon do loads or type in google relax cds

31-12-12, 00:44
in the meantime you could look on you tube for hypnosis and relaxation

Mark Bowden
21-01-14, 10:27
There are some fantastic tools out there that can assist with anxiety. As Penny09 says, everyone is different but hypnotherapy was the real turning point for me and my anxiety. So much so that I qualified as a hypnotherapist as a result!

20-02-14, 13:28
What relaxation tapes would you recommend?
I am feeling very anxious and would like to find ways to overcome it

25-04-14, 08:06
Hi Yesor. Here is a link for some free to download podcasts. They might give you an idea to which kind of techniques you feel you would benefit from at this time.

25-04-14, 12:37
There are usually relaxation tapes you can get from the library. Thats if you are able to go out. Plenty of advice given to you from other members. just a thought
Wishing you well x

Shapeshifting Lizard
06-10-14, 23:22
This is a site what you can download youtube videos (and a few other websites from). The theatre group I attend use it, that's how I found out http://en.savefrom.net/

if there's any ASMR or relaxation videos you see on youtube you can download it with this and you won't have to deal with adverts or anything. I've never had any problems with it :D

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I'll think you'll know of ASMR but if not, it's really good. It's relaxation videos but it's rather sensual, they use whispering and other stimulating sounds like tapping, brushing and eating sounds etc. there's and endless variety. I've found it really helpful. Just remember if you're gonna fall asleep to anything make sure there's no adverts in it and don't put your laptop on your legs like I did :(

10-10-14, 11:17

You can download some free mp3's to do with mindfulness, relaxation and helping you sleep. They can be found at http://medweb.mit.edu/wellness/resources/downloads.html

It's all legit, MIT being Massachusetts Institute of Technology. :)

03-01-15, 18:46
Page does not seem to exist unfortunately

03-01-15, 18:54
Search on YouTube for guided relaxation or guided visualisation. I hope that you find something that helps :hugs:

awesome cookie
26-06-16, 19:16
Hi Everyone
I downloaded a good Relaxation sounds on my tablet and it worked for me.

02-08-16, 18:44
Ive tried finding something like that before but wasnt very successful then had to keep replaying it and got fed up in the end. Glad you find it helpful maybe need to try a different type?