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15-05-10, 16:21
Hi I wondered if you could help. I'm new to this. I've had a very bad few years. I suffer from M.E. and three years ago my mum who was a huge support died. I also split up with my partner last year and have started an early menopause. Argh..........! Suffice to say I've been very anxious and quite depressed. After uping my 50mg dose of lustral to 150mg it made no difference and I have had a very bad few months reducing the dose down to 50mg as with my M.E I seem to be very suceptable to changes of drug doses. I started Mirtazapine, 15mg about six weeks ago. The first two/three weeks were fine apart from the hunger but then I started to feel very irrational, angry (not like me at all). A week or so later I was very agitated, confused and felt sucidal-not like me either. It was very frightening. I was immediately told to come off it without tappering it. Last week I stopped in but I have had six days of extreme agitation, crying, feeling very strange indeed, like funny brain zaps-much worse than the original anxiety. I've taken small doses of diazipan, 2.5mg to help Is this possible after only being on it 5 weeks to have such bad withdrawal effects-the doc said I would have no side effects!? Sorry to ramble on but I am meant to be going on a group holiday to Greece on Tues and unfortunately if this continues I don't see how I can go. Thanks so much for reading this.

15-05-10, 22:34
Hi Liz I'm sorry to hear that you have had a bad time after coming off mirtazapine. I had similar withdrawal effects after stopping without tapering. I also used valium to counteract these effects. The good think is the withdrals will stop. give it time.EJ

Vanilla Sky
15-05-10, 22:43
Just wanted to welcome you to NMP :welcome: Paige x

15-05-10, 22:51
Hi Elizabeth and Paige

Elizabeth thanks for your reassurance. I am so sorry that you have had a bad time too coming off Mirt too. I hope you are doing okay at the mo. Paige thanks for welcoming me!

Liz x

16-05-10, 08:10
:welcome:Hi sorry I forgot to welcome you. I found that my anxiety was much worse and I had to go back on mirtazapine again. I am back on it now for a second time but dread coming off it again. Tuesday does not seem very far off when you go on holiday. I would have a chat with your GP tomorrow if you are still feeling bad. Take care.

16-05-10, 11:27
Hi there. Ive been on mirtazapine for about 18 months now. Ive also noticed its made me more tearful (even sentimental adverts make me tear up) and I can get very annoyed very quickly. Luckily I dont suffer with depression, so its something I can manage.
Im sorry it got so bad for you, I hope you find some medication that can help you without giving you other problems instead!

16-05-10, 18:57
Thanks Elizabeth and Vixxy. I glad mirt is helping you both even if you are worried about coming off it again Elizabeth. Re my holiday I'll probably speak to the doc tomorrow but will take some diazipan to tide me over or maybe won't be going at all because of the ash cloud! I am really worried about trying any other medications as I've had such an awful time reducing the lustral and also on the mirt. All the side effects are horrible especially when you live on your own. Mind you the anxiety is not nice either! I'm not sure if my hormones are making it worse(I think it's been a lot worse since my periods stopped a year ago)- my doctor doesn't believe that. Have you found anything else beside the medication that helps?

16-05-10, 19:30
Hi again Liz I am on meds for the long haul. I am also taking lithium as well as mirtazapine. I was on on dothiepin for sixteen years as well as the mirt and lithium and occasionally sleeping pills as well. My illness is best managed by medication and I have had many different types of therapy over the years. I lead a good and fulfilling life when I am not ill!!. My quality of life is vey poor without meds usually needing some sort of intervention and sometimes hospitalisation. I had a hysterectomy in 2007 so no periods either but no sign of the menopause either. I definitely think that a lack of periods interferes with our emotions. My quality of life has actually improved since my hyst because I suffered with chronic pain and excessive bleeding. When I am well I do think of life without meds and when I'm ill I'm begging to go back on them. I have been ill on and off since I was about fourteen. I'm now forty eight.

16-05-10, 19:33
Sorry Liz I have just had a course of hypnotherapy with a qualified GP for my sleep problems. I am still to have the last session. It has been very helpful.

17-05-10, 11:36
Thanks Elizabeth. I am glad the meds are suiting you. I probably do need to be on something but not sure what-the anxiety has been a real problem since my mum died and as I am definitely going through the menopause! Not sure what is happening about my hol because of the ash cloud and to be honest at the moment going on my own seems scary. Hope you are fine at the moment.