View Full Version : Question about how to take seroxat

17-05-10, 17:25
Hi all,
My GP prescribed my seroxat to try and reduce my anxiety levels. I have a lot of problems eating as I feel like im going to throw up or have an anxiety attack.
The packet says I need to take the pill with food.... this is going to be hard. How much food should I aim to eat with it?

23-05-10, 22:04
Hi Vix,

Just noticed your question, I take mine with one biscuit. At the moment it is a shortcake biscuit lol. It just has to have a little lining.
I am like you, swallowing etc is awful when the anxiety ratchets up.
I hope you are getting on ok with seroxat.


24-05-10, 11:35
Hi Vixxy

Personally I never took Seroxat with food, I took it just before I went to bed. I probably didn't read the label!


04-06-10, 16:29

Part of my anxiety symptoms means I have problems swallowing so my GP prescribed me the liquid version and you don't have to take this with food. It has really helped with my anxiety have been on it for 12 years on and off.