View Full Version : I stopped Diazepam last night

jaded jean
18-05-10, 15:54
Hi al
Took my last 1mg of diazepam last night.
Does anyone think I will have any effects.I came down from 1x2mg in morning and 2x2mg at night over 16 days. As the relief dr I spoke said no, I will only allow you one strip of these as addictve!
NB I had taken them for nearly amonth prior to this. So will it affect me??

18-05-10, 18:09
Hi Jean

No it never affected me coming off of 2mg of diazepam. I only ever took them when I needed to but I was allowed to take 3 x 2mg per day. I did not really notice any difference coming off them, the only time I thought about them is when I had a bit of a shaky day and thought that I would need one. Instead I now take a couple of Kalms if I feel like that and I've been ok.

Hope you are ok coming off them, but it was a very small dose that you were taking so I think you should be alright.

Jannie x x

jaded jean
18-05-10, 18:13
Thanks Jannie.
I think I subconsciously worked myself up about it as had a weird morning . panicky feeling out of it-very strange. going to stay up as late as I can so will be genuinley tired when I go to bed. Hope this is just a one off today:shrug:

19-05-10, 04:11
If you tapered them, and were only on them for a month, you should be perfectly fine. It's like smoking, your body usually needs 3 days to get used to it not being there. Those first 3 days might be a bit uncomfortable, but you'll be fine.

jaded jean
19-05-10, 06:31
Hi NinjaXero
I do feel a bit crappy again this morning, its the chatterbox starting up again. but as soon as I get out of bed it dies down. This might be the catalyst for my citalopram dose to be upped?? I see the doctor next week so fingers crossed.
Thanks for your support

19-05-10, 07:18
It's just something you'll have to ride out. You might find it hard to sleep for a few days too. I use Xanax very sparingly. The longest I used it was for a week, a low dose, and only before bed. After I stopped it, I had trouble sleeping for about 3 days. But then your body adjusts back to normal.

Panic Man
08-06-10, 11:17
Jean, you have done the right thing, DO NOT EVER take any more benzo's they are a killer, you have got out in time, I have not. I was on these for six months and it turns out that after two months they were causing havoc with me (I thought it was the ad's so kept on taking the valium to compensate). I was forced to quit cold turkey and am now on day 31, I still feel fear where there is none. These pilss play havoc with your central nervous syatem after taking them for 6 to 8 weeks full time, you then become tolerant and the only relief is to take a higher dose, luckily I did not do this but continued to feed the monster up to six months. I am going through hell at the moment with withdrawal symptoms but it is getting less every day. If you are not feeling like there is no hope anymore then you are OK. But do not ever go near them again!