View Full Version : does the drossiness go from amitripyline ?

21-05-10, 10:49
i am on a very small dose of this drug yet its knocking me out i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired on it can any one tell when and if this tiredness will leave i am on it as i cannot take any of the nwere drugs i reacted very badly to them so this was a last resort as my anxiety was so bad , yesterday i slept 13 hours and had to drag myself out of bed any advice would be great
many thanks for listening
much peace
hope i get some replies thanks

Vanilla Sky
21-05-10, 12:20
It will pass, It was a nice change for me to sleep right through the night when i was on them. Hang in there, you will have a good sleep almost every night, i would rather that than insomnia :)

21-05-10, 13:07
Hi - yes it passes, I've been on them at a v low dose (10mg) for 3 months now and if you can please hang in there because about 3 weeks in I got a sustained period of total calm and peace it was as if someone had flicked a switch!

I too got drowsy though and dizzy / bad heads but it does go - I can even have a few glasses of wine on them now with not too much effect LOL. As with all meds they seem to take time to work and one size doesn't fit all but they've worked for me. And yes the sleep was awesome!!

All the best to you - hope they work out for you

21-05-10, 13:57
thank you thank you both for taking the tme to respond you have given me hope on the box it says for anx and depression dosage 50mg ............................my god i would not wake up for a week :ohmy:
i know i must be patient but having been ill and let down by the newer drugs its hard the last one put me in A&E never again so far i am only veryvery tired and groggy this makes home life hard as i have 3 kids two of whom are severly autistic so i need my whits about me if you get my drift i am so glad i have found this forum i got the claire weekes books and found them very helpful
thanks guys much peace and love from an anxious sleepy mum
please may god help all of us walking this horrid path

29-05-10, 09:38
Slowly is tha answer love. I'm on 30 for headaches and at first 10 gave me nasty headaches on top of the ones I had already. It took a while to get to 30 and I may go to 40 when they put the citalopram to 20 as it counteracts some of the increased anxiety. Then when settled will reduce again. X

sarah jayne
29-05-10, 09:48
Ive been on them for over 2 years and they help me get a good nights sleep, i cant sleep without them. Im currently taking 25 mg but was on 50 mg but i was tired all the time. I think different amounts work for different people.
Sarah x