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23-05-10, 15:35
Hi guys,

Just wondering what other peoples experiences of Duloxetine were. Dr put me on these and said i could be on them for life. :( They are making me feel sooooo sick! Feel spaced out most of the time and really do not like how they making me feel. Feeling worse on them than i did without. Wish i hadn't gone docs now.

After 4 doses (one a day at the moment - until next week) i rang doc who said keep going on them but if i get worse go and see her.

Has anyone else had these side effects? Any advice? :(

24-05-10, 02:10
Take your doc's advice and give it a while longer to see if the side effects abate. Nausea is very common as is anxiety and feeling spaced out. It didn't suit me and after a few weeks I stopped but give it time to work and if you continue to feel bad or it gets unbearable go back to your GP.

sarah jayne
24-05-10, 09:21
I got really bad side effects and only lasted 3 days on it...