View Full Version : I had an endoscopy and it was fine

24-05-10, 23:02
Just to say I had an endoscopy 2 weeks ago and it was absolutely fine I suffer from GAD and I am terrified of hospitals. I backed out twice before but my GP gave me lorezapam to take the night before and in the morning and 2 hours before. I was totally out of it, I was that anxious I had to have sedation before the sedation!! But when I went into the endoscopy room I was given the injection into my hand and it was so relaxing I floated away. I closed my eyes and I opened them and It was all over. Nothing to worry about at all, I know it is easy to say and you will worry because I didnt sleep for 2 nights before it but I did it and they found out I had gastritis oesophagitis, inflammation of the duodenum and a hiatus hernia, im on the right treatment, they took a biopsy to see if I have helicobacter pylori but no results yet

Veronica H
29-05-10, 10:59
:yesyes::hugs:this will really help others including my sister who will be having one soon.


09-07-10, 18:52
I think I will have to be sedated before my sedation too, im waiting for my apt to come through and even though Ive heard loads of stories of how its not as bad as you think its going to be im still terrified.

23-07-10, 22:42
Just came across your post belle - have you had your endoscopy yet? I hope everything went well for you. xx

31-07-10, 20:53
My apt is Thursday 5th August, i don't know how im going to cope, I will panic and pull the thing out of my mouth, I know I will.

01-08-10, 09:44
you just have to adopt the approach of right - i need to have it done and i will do it. i had this test with no sedation whatsoever and it wasn't the nicest experience but totally fine and its over with in seconds x

sarah jayne
01-08-10, 10:17
Im waiting for an appointment, im dreading having it done but im looking forward to finding out the results so they can treat whatever it is and i'll be better :)

01-08-10, 20:26
I had one and had the anaesthetic .Woke up with a bit of a dry throat The procedure is over before you know it .Certainly not worth worrying about . Sue x