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06-02-06, 10:22
I know this may have been said before but I actually found the other day after I had an all natural, non preservative, non added stuuf, fruit juice with a low GI index of below 50 to relieve my symptoms a little.

When I say relieved symptoms, I dont mean it took them away but they did not return like they used to after a few hours of not eating. Sometimes I dont feel like eating much or a few hours after I do eat, my sugar blood level drops and I feel worse and worry more.

I found that fruit juice (natural) works great in not making symptoms worse over the next few hours due to the low gi index (some are better than others). I hate fruit so fruit juice is great. It does help to not exacerbate symptoms. Seems to help me overall anyway!


06-02-06, 10:58
Low blood sugar mimcs the anx symptoms. I changed to a low GI diet with snacks between meals quite a while back and the improvement was immediate

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06-02-06, 14:43
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