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27-05-10, 22:18

Today I was put on propranolol 10mg 4x per day for anxiety. I also suffer from panic attacks occasionaly.

I started experiencing anxiety about four months ago and have since eliminated caffeine from my diet, increased exercise and generally try to live a healthier lifestyle.

What I would like to know is as I forgot to ask, how does propranolol effect me during execise? Heavy lifting free weights and 10km runs?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Going home
28-05-10, 00:16
Well i'm on double the dose you're on, as i take an 80mg slow release capsule once a day. When I first started taking it a couple of years ago I found it hard to exercise because it affected my energy levels alot quicker. But these days i know that if i start off at a slower pace, give my heart time to catch up, I'm ok. I swim 3 times a week and take it easy when i first get into the water, get into my own rhythm i'm fine. So I would say it could affect you when you exercise in the early days of taking it, but that you get used to it and find your own pace as you go on with it.

Anna xx :)

28-05-10, 13:34
Thanks for the advice. I think I will just take it easy in the gym at first and see how it goes :)