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21-02-04, 01:20
well today was my first day on the new medication and it was far better for me than the venlafaxine i felt a little sick and dizzy a few hours after taking it this morning but it soon passed and i was able to take my kids out for the day and for the first time in months i had a day without even the slightest twinge of panic but as soon as i sat down tonight when everybody was in bed bang a huge panic attack started out of no where and its still going on 2 hours later i feel like crap but at least i was able to have a good day out and hopefully when this one passes ill have another good day tomorrow

g e j Atkinson

21-02-04, 13:58
i suppose its good and bad the same time, ya had a good day but a crap night, there are some remedies in boots to help ya good to sleep, that may help


21-02-04, 16:50

It takes a few weeks to settle do well done for your good day. Maybe you were a tad overwhelmed with all your activities of the day when you were reflecting on it last night.

Good that you know and belive that this will pass and tomorrow is a new day.


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21-02-04, 17:26
Stick with it Blue and see how it goes.

If you had a good day then that is the most important thing really. The panic at night might have been that little voice in your head saying "oh you think you can get tid of me that easily do you?"

Tell it to sod off - lol


21-02-04, 20:56
well what a contrast from yesterday today i can hardly get up of the bed i feel sick and dizzy and just dont feel up to facing the world but then i suppose as with all medication you have your good days and your bad days until your body gets used to it

g e j Atkinson

22-02-04, 00:39
Hiya Bluebirds2005,

Good for you for having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry though about the night. It will get better though so hang in there :). Keep up the good work :D. Don`t worry too much about having a great day then feeling like you do not wanna get up from the bed. Little steps remember??????? Just remember you had a great day yesterday and you will have more of them, starting tomorrow. Keep ya chin up!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Diana xxxxx ;)