View Full Version : Dont take KALMS with St Johns Wort!!

08-02-06, 17:12

Just to let you know, if anyone wasnt sure, that you should not be taking both Kalms and St. Johns Wort at the same time. Only one or the other.

I contacted the manufactuer of Kalms, via email last week asking if it was ok to take both together as i thought Kalms were for stress and anxiety and st johns wort more for depression.

I got a reply yesterday stating that the 2 together were not recommended as they contain similar ingredients and would be like taking a double dose.

Hope this is of use.

N x

08-02-06, 17:26
Thanks bubble and welcome to the site. I am sure lots will benefit from this as i have seen this question asked many times. Take care. Vernon

09-02-06, 18:33
Thanks for this, I take Kalms and was thinking about taking SJW, glad I didnt now.

Sandra x

13-03-06, 14:22
Ive got Kalms, Bach remedy, st johns wort, beta blockers. I know it's not a good idea to be taking them all at once, but is there a resource anywhere for good/bad combinations?

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