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05-06-10, 12:44
Hi all,

Have been on propranolol for 10 days now 160mg slow release as a preventative for migraine attack, i have been feeling really dizzy , lightheaded a general feeling of being off balance and was just wondering if this could be a side effect of these tablets and if anyone has had side effects like this and how long does it generally take to go away...also if it is the tablets making me feel like this and not the brain tumour that im convinced i have !!! would it be better to try another tablet x

shirley xx

Kerry B
05-06-10, 23:06
I was exactely the same as you and I was only on 40mg, I was taking them for 10 days but have come off them now, the side effects where so bad the dizzy, light headed, I couldn't even put my head down or look up because of the head rushes, I know how you are feeling its terrible x

05-06-10, 23:45
Hi kittykat, when I upped my dose from 3x10mg to 3x20mg it made me really dizzy. Sorry can't advise on whether symptoms go in time - I felt so bad I only lasted a day! Hope it gets better for you. x

Going home
06-06-10, 01:39
Hi there, i was given propranolol in 2007 for migraine and raised BP. I take it as half-inderal which is one of the authentic preparations (there are a few different types of propranolol i'm afraid, and some of them are what is known as 'Generic' which are cheaper versions produced for the pharmacies but can cause problems in sensitive people...like me!)

I take an 80mg slow release with my breakfast every day and find that there are very few side effects (I have had many on the generic before i insisted on the real thing) so 160mg seems excessive, unless your migraines are really bad. Try asking for it to be reduced to 80mg and see if that helps ( and try also asking for half-inderal...they are pink capsules)

The only side effect I get really is that it takes time for me to get going when i'm walking, i can feel a little breathless for the first 20 mins, after this i feel fine. But this could be down to the extra weight, ive gained 3st since starting them..another possible side effect sorry!

Anna xxx

08-06-10, 12:31
Was back at the doctors today and told him ive been feeling awful, so his advice was to cut down to 80mg which he's prescribed try it for about a week and if im still struggling to come off it and give something else a go, feeling really sick and dizzy atm but will persevere at least its good to know im not alone in these side effects, i'll keep you posted, you sometimes wonder if tablets are worth it ....thanks guys x

15-06-10, 22:38
Just thought id let you all know that i am feeling so much better on the 80mg sr capsules that the doctor prescribed .....no dizzinesss or light headedness, and its been 12 days and counting since my last migraine yay, the only thing im getting still with the lower dose is the pulsing sensation in my head ( as medication isnt quite strong enough to fully control that) but my doctor says as long as there's no full blown migraine its nothing to be worried about, so anyway so far so good xx

16-08-10, 01:39
i get really dizzy if i take 3 a day, i am on 40mg tablets and the first time i took them i i thought i was going to pass out, i take at least one a day, but my dizzy symptoms passed after a week and i only seem to get dizzy if i feel the need to take 3 a day

i think you have to watch with them if your blood pressure is lower than the average but everyone is different

Kerry B
16-08-10, 23:09
Thats what happen to me it lowered my blood pressure to much