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jaded jean
09-06-10, 06:36
I started the Amitryp.
I took the first one last night. I was fearful and yes I got upset when I took it.
Itook it at 8.20 as I was going to 'wait and see' as you do thinking you are going to feel better. I went to bed at 9,15 as yes I was yawning and thought I will put the relaxation cd on. 10.00 out like a light.
hadnt moved -glasses still on and snoring like a gud un.
Up at 6.15 feeling a bit tired and hungover but I slept through.
if this is it then I am for it:winks:

jaded jean
09-06-10, 08:04
On saying what I had previousley posted I took my citalopram at 7 am today and now I feel even more drowsey it awful. Is this a common effect too??

jaded jean
09-06-10, 11:03
Am still feeling lightheaded. can do little jobs around the house but I feel restricted.I am not getting the anxiety though.
Early days I suppose,

sarah jayne
09-06-10, 11:30
Ive been on amitriptiline ( sorry for the poor spelling lol ) for nearly 3 years and ive had no problems with it. Ive had no nasty side effects, the only one i had was a dry mouth and thats easy to cope with. It really helps me sleep but hasnt worked with my anxiety thats why ive just started taking fluoxetine aswell.

jaded jean
09-06-10, 12:53
Hi Sarah Jayne. Yep had the dry mouth. This dizyness should wear off tho shouldnt it??

sarah jayne
09-06-10, 13:43
Yes it will wear off, its prob because u feel so drowsy x

jaded jean
09-06-10, 14:45
Thanks for that sarah Jane!! I actually went out -drove to the shops. no anxiety per say, . So I am impressed:yesyes: