View Full Version : SEROXAT imakes me crave.... and i cant come off it....

09-06-10, 18:00
Ever since i started Seroxat many years ago, I have become a compulsive eater and drinker..... Iv heard so many times how Seroxat has made people crave alcohol and food... Im sick and tired of it....

Yes it may have lightened my worries and lessened my horrific OCD, but I am about 7 stone heavier...i think id rather be a complete head case!!!

Also its well known that coming off a high dose of Seroxat (60mg for me) is worse than an addict coming off heroin... Gosh the side effects I have had when I have missed a few days of my Meds.....
My doc knows i drink and feel addicted to my Meds but I have tried so many different ones in the past.....
I would like to hear from anyone else in a similar boat?!!!!

09-06-10, 23:22
If you want to get off Seroxat, try cross-tapering to Prozac and then coming off of that. Prozac has a longer half life, so the withdrawal is less hellish. I've just cross-tapered from Effexor to Sertraline and it wasn't as bad as tapering down to nothing, as the second med takes the edge off the withdrawal.

09-06-10, 23:39
Thanks for ur reply... I have been on prozac b4