View Full Version : Breast Unit Appointment Update

10-06-10, 13:55
After folks were so helpful after my HA went nova recently, I thought I'd put an update on my appt at the hospital.
I saw a really helpful lady doctor who gave me a proper examination & said she could find no lump - thank Heaven! - but that there was some thickening of part of my right breast which was where I'd had the pain. She said she was pretty sure there's wasn't anything to worry about but she's referred me for a mammogram & took a small needle sample for checking just the same.
I felt very positive when I left the hospital but since I've been at home on my own I've started with the old 'what if ....' again! Any reassurance that'll help me get through the weeks until I get my results [2 Aug] would be sooo appreciated! I work from home so it's easy for me to think too much!:unsure:

10-06-10, 16:32
Hiya, If she is pretty sure, that means its way way unlikely to be anything but (due mainly to being sued!) they can't say that until they have looked via mammogram.

I had pain, found a lump and both my GP and the consultant were sure it was nothing but sent me for a mammogram anyway. It was nothing (sounds like what you have, general lumpiness, he called it 'nodularity'). Also, they would not leave it until 2nd August if they thought it might be anything to worry about, they just don't take any chances. Try and stop the wahit ifs (east to say, hard to do I know!) N x