View Full Version : amitriptyline for insomnia?

11-06-10, 08:13
My psychologist has suggested I take a low dose of Amitriptyline to improve my sleep, at the moment I get around 4-6hrs but she feels I should have 8+ to improve my day time anxiety.

I am already taking 40mg Citalopram & don't really want to up the dose as I've already gained so much weight on it. Haven't spoken to my Gp yet, so thought I'd ask if anyone here has experience of taking Amitriptyline to improve sleep.

I'd be really grateful for any suggestions or help.


jaded jean
11-06-10, 08:29
Hi Anette1
I am on my 4th day taking 10mg Amytriptiline for lack of sleep as I was getting about the same amount as you. I am on 20mg of cit . no real weight gain for me which is a blessing as I dont need it! It does improve your sleep I go from about 10 - 6 .10am so yes a noted difference I feel a bit more anxious in the morning but that could just be me.Give it a try you could be pleasantly suprised,

sarah jayne
11-06-10, 08:39
ive been on ami for nearly 3 yearsand it really helps me sleep

jaded jean
11-06-10, 10:39
Hi Sarah Jane
What were you like in the early stages of Ami?? Iwas not 100% this morning is it early days still??

28-06-10, 18:23
Hi Jean

I've taken Ami for 4 nights now & so far so good. I did have a headache for the first 2 days ( I only took 5mg!) but that could just be coincidence & also felt nauseous.

I think Im sleeping better as when I wake in the night I go back to sleep instead of going into the Chat room! I'm also finding it easier to get up in the morning.

Hope things are going well for you Jean, I wish I'd taken Ami before!

29-06-10, 00:06
hey, I take 75mg of amitrityline every night and it certainly helps me sleep well :)