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11-02-06, 17:34
Hi just wanted to ask advice from anyone who may have been prescribed Buspar for panic attacks/anxiety. I have been used to taking a small amount of Lorazepam (about 0.5 mg to 1 mg) for acute panic attacks. However my GP has suggested that I switch to Buspar as he considers this to be less addictive and safer. However as usual I am anxious to change taking any medication as I feel safer knowing how medication makes me feel. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who is or has been taking Buspar?

Thanks SS

12-02-06, 02:27
I dont know much about them etc but I researched into this recently about different benzos as I was afraid and have actually come to the conclusion that Valium may be the best one out of them all if you have to. This is merely from what I have read and makes sense why. They actually use valium for withdrawl off the other drugs like your on because of the longer action and many other reasons. Makes sense to me anyway. Valium may not be the best for you, I am not sure as it takes longer to peak in blood (not fast acting like others) but this is what I have found. Compared, valium is less potent and stays in system longer which is why some prefer it to be safer (less fluctuations).

Take a look at my post here and go to the links as it explains a lot and there are even links to side effects and comprehensive about all the drugs etc.

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17-02-06, 10:14
Thanks for your reply and information - it is really helpful.