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12-02-06, 02:58
Someone recommended i take vitamin B tablets to help the anxiety. Does anybody know if this will help?

12-02-06, 03:40
I take vitamin B supplement high potency with minerals (called and executive formula). Seems to help but I am not sure but they say we use much of our vitamins up with stress and anxiety and your central nervous system needs vitamin B to help with stress so I guess it does help.

Also, Meg pointed out that Omega 3 supplement can help a lot so I also started that.


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12-02-06, 07:58
HI i was given B6 by my doctor for PMT as i found the time b4 my period was full of anxiety and i was finding life hard.
he had put me on th oill but this had made things alot worse so i stopped taking them.

i started on the B6 3 months ago and i have to say i do feel alot better not just around my period but also the rest of the month.

I take 50mg a day the doctor did say if i needed to i could take upto 100mg per day. have a chat with your doc.

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12-02-06, 15:56
Take a look at this page -

Natural Remedies (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/NMPcms.php?nmppage=remedies)

That should help.


19-02-06, 22:22
I've followed the advice on the self-help page and am taking Vitamin B every day - I don't know if it's helping but I like to think so :)

Annie x