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16-06-10, 18:25
Hello all , please give me ur advice I'm on day 7 of 2mg of parxotine I know a very low does talked this thro with doc trying to avoid side effects sadly this hasn't happened even on this low does I have been havin waves of panic and the anxitey has been worse but today I feel like I have a band around my head and feel so on edge and I feel sad like I could cry is this normal in my head I'm thinking anxitey 24/7 and can't turn off please tell me this will go x I have got doc again on monday to talking about upping my meds don't want to feel like this every time I up it so sorry for going on love to all de

16-06-10, 21:20
Once the drug is in your system it's never as bad as the initial side effects. I won't pretend they're nice but it should be more tolerable once your body has adapted to the med.

It will get better De - keep going.

19-06-10, 12:53
Hello my dear friend :hugs:

Sorry you are back hear :lac:

You know hun that most meds side effects for anxiety ARE anxiety, this is normal hun, in time, it WILL get better :hugs:

YOU KNOW, that the tight band around the head is an anxiety symptom, in time this will go hun :hugs:

Remember hun, when going to the GP, YOU are in control off what you take, you don't have to up them if you don't want too, you CAN go at your own pace. When anxiety is present, its only natral to want it gone right away, but hunny, even on meds it does'nt work that way, it takes time.

Things WILL get better Denise, IT WILL, I KNOW YOU, YOU CAN do this, you have done it before and YOU WILL do it again.

Believe you can get better, really believe and you mind WILL find ways to do it.



22-06-10, 18:45
Hi all on day 13 now on meds upped my does today to 4mg was hoping to be ok but had a few waves of panic,but got to say I did have some good days last week which is great just so want a magic wand like the rest of u on here , nights can be hard for me just roll on the days and nights of no worry panic or anxity love to u all xxx