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20-06-10, 19:03

Just started amitriptyline (10mg) and was wondering how long it takes before the side effects wear off. I have only taken it for two nights and feel a bit woozy during the day and slightly nauseous but nothing really bad. I have been on it before and cant remember being like this. I know it is early days but I daren't read the info leaflet about it as I will scare myself into not taking it. Thanks.

Workplace Doctors
20-06-10, 22:25
Dear Humly,

As everyone is an individual person, height, weight, diet etc are all contributory factors in ones capacity to overcome side effects, an average person with generally take 2-3 weeks to build up a high enough level within their blood to maintain the required level in-order to eleviate themselves from the side effects.

Please read below, there is nothing to worry about:

Common side effects include dry mouth, drowsiness, constipation, and dizziness or lightheadedness when standing. Indviduals can suck on ice cubes or sugarless hard candy to combat the dry mouth. Increased fiber in the diet and additional fluids may help relieve constipation. Dizziness is usually caused by a drop in blood pressure when suddenly changing position. Indviduals should slowly rise from a sitting or lying position if dizziness is noticed. Amitriptyline may increase the risk of falls in older adults. Indviduals should not drive or operate machinery or appliances while under the influence of this drug. Alcohol and other central nervous system depressants can increase drowsiness. Amitriptyline may also produce blurry vision, irregular or fast heartbeat, high or low blood pressure, palpitations, and an increase or decrease in a diabetic patient's blood sugar levels. Individuals' skin may become more sensitive to the sun and thus direct sunlight should be avoided by wearing protective clothing and the application of sunscreen with a protective factor of 15 or higher.

If you still require further advise on the medication please consult our local medical professional, all the best I do hope this has been of use to you, apologise if this is not what you required.

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20-06-10, 22:41
You're on a low dose Humly so shouldn't think the side effects would last more than a few weeks or be very harsh. Tiredness and nausea are very common and in fact the tiredness can be beneficial if you have been prescribed it for insomnia. It can make you feel a bit groggy the next day but as I said this should pass soon. Don't alarm yourself by focusing on side effects that you most probably won't get at such a low dose.

29-06-10, 17:56
Hi Humly

I've been taking Ami for 5 days now, the nausea & dizzyness stopped on day 3 & I'm sleeping much better, more relaxed & d'n't wake up with aching muscles.

Hope you find benefit with it too.

03-10-12, 08:22
My grandmother has been taking Amitriptyline tablets for a while now. She generally takes Metapro 50 daily in the morning. Today she was out of Metapro 50 so she took Amitor 25 and is suddenly facing many of the side effects as discussed above. She says she never faced any of them while she took Metapro 50.
How long are the side effects going to last in a single day? I did some research online and advised her not to take Amitor 25 for a few days. Please help me as soon as possible. Thank you.

20-11-14, 13:21
I started first with doxepin for insomnia but started doing some sleep walking so the doctor switched me to amitriptyline. at some time my lower legs started swelling, mostly my left. to the point that it hurt. I think its the amit..,looked up side effects and the swelling and red dots on the skin are listed. I have the red dots too. I think it was helping me get better sleep but I can't stand the swelling. The doctor thinks that my legs started swelling because I have had bad varicose veins for years. I disagree and want to stop the amit..... I want to know if the side effects of swollen legs will go away by itself or do I need to stop taking the amit...and if so how long will it take for the swelling to go away?