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21-06-10, 22:20
I was encouraged by my psychiatrist to write to the cardiologist who saw me may 20th about additional concerns: palpitations, extreme breathlessness on minimum exertion etc. I do have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia. Long list of symptoms. I received a letter today with the report sent to my GP from Cardio Doctor. It said that i had a flat blood pressure response. I didnt know what it meant so stupidly I GOOGLED slap myself. All I saw was heart failure and i got myself into a right state. Does anyone know what flat blood pressure response means. While I await to go for an ultrasound.:weep:

21-06-10, 22:32
I googled it and found that it means "less than 20 mmHg rise" in blood pressure.

I didn't see any sites about heart failure

22-06-10, 15:35
Wow thanks Nic. I put the words flat blood pressure response into google and HF came up everywhere didnt see nothing else. That sounds right cos it didnt rise on treadmill testing but its still worrying why. Maybe just the way fatigued bodies go I don't know. Hugs hun and thank you so much

22-06-10, 19:18
I am still waiting to see a cardiologist following a recent treadmill test so will be interesting to see what he has to say on mine lol