View Full Version : Seroxat day 6 20mg

29-06-10, 18:21
Hi all havent been on seroxat for nearly 3 years as was pregnant and panic attacks went away, was taking seroxat for nearly 7 years terrible side effects getting of it but done it. For about 3 weeks been having panic attacks and anxiety migrane so saw g.p and got put back on seroxat. Well its day 6 and still having side effects, day 2 to 4 was awful and the g.p gave me diazepam to help which does slightly. Im still having dizzy feeling in head and headaches feel shaky and very anxious and extremley panicky is this normal?? Has anyone else experienced this, I feel worse then I did before taking the seroxat.
Ive had to stay off work too and just wondered if anyone has any idea when I should start benefiting from the tablet and not feeling like absolute rubbish. :)
All advice welcome, Im so fed up with feeling like this feels like im never gonna get back to normal.

29-06-10, 21:12
did you go straight on a 20mg tablet? i have been on seroxat for 12 years i remember i felt absolutely rubbish for 2-3 weeks everything you have said!! i thought i was going to die because the panic attacks and anxiety they gave me was horrendous, but my phycatrist resured me to stick with them which i did and for 10 years they worked wonders!!
i have had a relapse now and need to go on a higher dose..which im scared to do because of the horrid side effects... i started on 10mg and worked my way up to 20mg but as you have already gone straight onto 20mg stick with it, im sure you will starte to feel better soon... if only i could take me own advise lol

take care

30-06-10, 09:38
Hi i started the same meds for 3 weeks now , but on a very low dose started on 2 mg and now up to 4mg wanted to start this low hoping not to get the side effects but i have still have , im now thinking i should have gone right in on a higher dose , i am havin good days nights are worse , i have been on this med twice before and it helped me loads , so im hoping to feel good again soon . also hate upping the dose every 2 weeks but hey we will get there if u ever need to chat pm me take care love dexxx

Kerry B
30-06-10, 15:20
Hi I was on this medication for 15 years and came off in last oct and is didnt seem to be working anymore, I then then put on Cipralex which have done nothing for me, so today the Dr has put me back on Seroxate which I start again in the morning, but cannot remember any of the side effects as its been so long ago, so I am dreading it. x

30-06-10, 18:53
hugs to you all we must all try and stay positive we will soon start to feel better xxx

03-07-10, 16:44
hi all
im on cipralex ahich is good but before that i was on seroxat for 10 years which i found was the best drug for my anxiety. when i came off seroxat it was 6 yrs ago and i thought it was time t come off meds butothers havent been as good citalopram, prozac etc, cipralex is better than the latter 2 but not as good as seroxat

Kerry B
03-07-10, 19:55
Hi Bab, I was on Seroxate for 15 years, came off it as it didn't seem to be working anymore, so I was put on Cipralex last Oct, which didn't seem to work for me so I have started back on Seroxate this is my 3rd day and just hoping they work as good as they did the first I started taking then all those years ago and I am going through a terrible time at the moment. Do you know how long these will take before they start working anyone? X