View Full Version : Buspirone? Any Good?

30-06-10, 17:19
Has anyone used this Medication for Health Anxiety? If so did it make you feel better? Was there any side effects.

I'm currently on 5mg twice a day, started yesterday morning.

01-07-10, 09:35

Can't help out with this one, I'm afraid, as I've never been prescribed it. I've just looked it up in the BNF and it seems to be directly for anxiety, rather than an anti-depressant - let us know how you get on with it!

01-07-10, 14:10
I was on it for a while but it was giving me a rapid heart rate [asif I needed it to go any faster lol] so I got took off it by my GP & I've been too scared to try anything else since. :/ I didn't find that it helped with my anxiety while I was on it eiether...